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 Pure Rock Stun Goodness

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PostSubject: Pure Rock Stun Goodness   Pure Rock Stun Goodness Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 5:20 am

2nd post of the day, my other primary deck. This deck focuses on negating everything, using ko'aki meirus and xyzs. This one could also use tweaking. thanks guys Smile

3x koaki meiru Guardian (stops tourguide, rabbit, etc.)
3x Koaki Meiru Wall (stops reborn, dark hole, etc.)
3x koaki meiru sand man(stops mirror force, d-prison,bottomless, CoH)
3x Block Golem (so so so so so good)
2x Grandsoil (self explanatory)
1x grand mole
2x legendary jujistu master(for pesky synchros and xyzs)
3x revival golem ( read catapult zone Wink )
2x Gaia Plate The Earth Giant
2x fossil dyna pachies

2x Shrink
1x monster reborn
1x Dark hole
3x catapult zone (read revival golem)
2x mystical space typhoon
1x heavy storm
2x pot of duality
2x solidarity
1x book of moon
2x solemn warning
1x solemn judgement
2x skill drain
2x torrential tribute
1x mirror force
2x bottomless

39 total main deck

Extra: 10
1x Photon Papilloperative
1x gem knight pearl
1x Utopia
1x Fairy king Albverdich
1x soul of silver mountain
1x gagaga cowboy
1x steelswarm roach (yeah, he's still here)
1x Shock Master
1x Daigusto emeral
1x Giant soldier of steel

Needs More Ideas for extra deck and side deck.

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Pure Rock Stun Goodness Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pure Rock Stun Goodness   Pure Rock Stun Goodness Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 9:12 am

where are the solidarity's? that is rock stun its true strength. all your monsters will become 2700 beaters and you can stop like every move your opponent has. take out the decree's.. Book of moon and duality are staples in this deck. really you wanna stun the opponent not yourself so take out the decree of your main deck and side it. your main trap line-up should be around:
- 3 solemns
- 1/2 skill drain whatever you prefer
- 2 torrential
- 1/2 mirrors whatever you prefer
- 1 starlight road
- 2 bottomless

and this isnt a rock stun deck if you dont run grand mole imo. hope this helps

Pure Rock Stun Goodness Cyborg10
Pure Rock Stun Goodness IU89x
Pure Rock Stun Goodness N1nwO
Pure Rock Stun Goodness TCEGa
Pure Rock Stun Goodness JGEPt
Pure Rock Stun Goodness 1uUkI
Pure Rock Stun Goodness V8gTc
Pure Rock Stun Goodness 6pj1W
Pure Rock Stun Goodness E8q5r
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PostSubject: Re: Pure Rock Stun Goodness   Pure Rock Stun Goodness Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2013 4:55 pm

i reccomend pot of duality for consistency, fossil pachycephalo for more control(this card alone stops sooo many decks), fiendish chain/safe zone, tohelp maintain control/field prescence, another gaia plate(great card, and if u run him u can put in some rank 8 xyz), i reccomend another jiujutsu cuz it really is an amazing card especially when paired with catapult zone, grand mole is neccesary.

-1 prototype
-1 rock stone warrior
-2 giant rat
-2 royal decree
-2 shrink(ok... bt fiendish and/or safe zone is better)

+1 grand mole
+1 gaia plate
+1 jiujitsu master
+2 pot of duality
+2 fossil pachycephalo
+2 safe zone/fiendish chain/skill drain

LSD's trap line up is good too, but definately do something about the monsters. The cards I put in are geared more for control, but if you want more speed you can run dust knight and no skill drain no fossil, but cpntrol is more effective

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PostSubject: Re: Pure Rock Stun Goodness   Pure Rock Stun Goodness Icon_minitime

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Pure Rock Stun Goodness

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