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Welcome to ADA where the best meets. Join our community today and duel all your friends. Enjoy taking a part in our events! To know more about us and to understand everything well, visit ADA GUIDE:
Respectfully Snakedoc(Lord)

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YGO PRO Download
An automatic dueling system that has also the tag duel feature.

J_PROJECT Download
Another Dueling system which is not up to date right now, you may host and have a match duel. There is no public chat or random games. You have to host with your IP or the hamachi ip, send it to your opponent and he can connect to you. Check it out.

Hamachi Download
Version: (982kb)

Hmachi 2 Download
Version: (3.48Mb)

This program was used in the old KCVDS but now less people use it. If you want to create private networks this program allows it, but only about 5 people may join 1 network. This program also has its own ip address.

Adobe Flash Player

You need to install the flash player to play flash games like DN.

Comodo Unite Download Its a similiar program to hamachi and it keeps everyone in the same net to chat and to be able to find everyone u need