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About Achievements

Dear member, welcome to ADA achievements page. Here you may see all the things you can achieve during the time spent in our academy. For any achievement you get a USERBAR and CASH REWARD. (Userbars are hidden so members do not abuse the pictures and to prevent ban for this reason).
If you have achieved something, make a request in the box on the bottom and click send.

ADA Achievement List

Cash Reward
Got started Reach post number of 100  200 ADAC
Active Reach post number of 250  200 ADAC
Very Active Reach post number of 600  200 ADAC
Reach post number of 1000
300 ADAC
Reach post number of 2000  450 ADAC
Duelist Duel at least 15 times in ADA duel arena  200 ADAC
Novice Win 10 matches in ADA duel arena  200 ADAC
Win 30 matches in ADA duel arena  400 ADAC
Win 50 matches in ADA duel arena  500 ADAC
Advanced Win 100 Matches in ADA duel arena  800 ADAC
Participate 3 times in ADVD  300 ADAC
ADVD Winner Win 1 time in ADVD  100 ADAC
ADVD Champion Win 3 times in ADVD  400 ADAC
Demolitioner Destroy 5 Vehicles in ADVD  200 ADAC
Destructor Destroy 10 vehicles in ADVD  300 ADAC
Killer Machine Destroy 20 vehicles in ADVD  350 ADAC
Killed Rat Lose 5 times in Survival mode
 100 ADAC
Survivor Reach lvl 2 in Survival mode -
The Animal Reach lvl 3 in Survival mode -
Overkiller Reach lvl 4 in Survival mode -
Predator Reach lvl 5 in Survival mode -
Tourney Winner Win 3 titles in any of the tournaments 500 ADAC
Tourney FavoriteWin 5 titles in any of the tournaments 500 ADAC
RelyableWin 2 Matches in a War 300 ADAC
PwnzorWin 5 matches in a war 800 ADAC
The KingDefeat more than 4 opponents in a war 800 ADAC
Coral Eater
Finish 7 quests in level: Coral200 ADAC
Pearl Collector
Finish 6 quests in level: Pearl300 ADAC
Finish 5 quests in level: Sapphire400 ADAC
Diamond Crusher
Finish 4 quests in level: Diamond450 ADAC
Quest Ruler
Finish ALL Quests1000 ADAC
CuriousAsk 10 questions in YGO questions section 200 ADAC
Rulling GuruAnswer 20 questions correctly in ygo questions section500 ADAC
Card loverHave 50 posts in card discussions section 400 ADAC
Article writerWrite 3 articles in Decks and articles section 1000 ADAC
Closer to successPost 15 decks in Decks and articles section 400 ADAC
Video Recorder
Record and post 10 matches of yours.
200 ADAC
Deck SellerSell 15 decks in Shops section 200 ADAC
NetdeckerBuy 10 decks in Shops section-
Art SellerDo 15 requests in your GFX shop200 ADAC

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