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Welcome to ADA where the best meets. Join our community today and duel all your friends. Enjoy taking a part in our events! To know more about us and to understand everything well, visit ADA GUIDE:
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If you visited this page you want to be informed about the things you don't know. This guide will help you out if you don't know where to begin and it will tell you some information about ADA you might be interested in. After reading it, you will understand what we do and why we are here.
The guide for rookies

::About us::.

-Advanced Duel Academy is a yugioh community. This fansite is free to all duelists. We are a big family whose members are always there for each other. Instead of only dueling people, in ADA you have a lot more opportunities! Yo will learn a lot more about yugioh during your stay here, you will make friends and experience many different special events and tournaments! We offer you also competitions, card discussions, deck and article libraries, professional help and more!
-ADA has been running since 2010 when KCVDS (Kaiba corporation virtual duel system) was already a successful dueling system that was used before the current Dueling Network. Our site has been developing over the 2 years and now we have many new things for you!

 .::The new forum look(theme) - Synchro Storm::.

-To take some rest of all the today's mutated yugioh game, the meta decks and current archetypes that all look more and more the same with their abilities, we are going back to the time when Synchro monsters were still the superior type of monsters and when the game was still balanced. The so called "Synchro Storm" theme is all about synchro monsters and their power. Whenever you would like to jump back to the synchro era, we have the new event - Synchro Storm for you. Enjoy!

.::Academy and Career idea::.

-Until now we had the "dorm" system in our fansite that was representing your skill-rank. Now we are changing our system and you have 4 ranks: beginner, intermediate, skilled, advanced. Everybody will start as a beginner and during the time in ADA, they will gain experience to rank-up. The tests will be only optional now. Even if we have removed our dorms, we are still an academy and we keep our name. The academy part will now be in the "academy" forum category that contains yugioh-related forums. There you have articles, decks, card discussions and the most recent news from the Yugioh TCG and OCG. The Career is a new idea we have applied. In the academy you learn new things and receive any help you need, but outside the academy you make up your own career. The career part is of course, in the "career" forum category. It contains all events you may participate in to get experience and rank-up. All your dueling statistics will be saved in your profile. Your scores will be shown and compared to chose the best duelists from ADA!

.::The ADA Tour::.

-Where to begin? Where to end? Here are answers. Like every comunnity we need to keep the order and to have a nice atmosphere in our forums. Please, before posting, read our rules to be informed about the things which are not tolerated in ADA. After you have read the rules, post your introduction and say hi to everybody so they may notice and welcome you. If you need any help, ask an administrator or moderator for it in the "Staff" section or simply send them a private message. Take a look at our forums, you will see many events we offer. There are tournaments and battle arena as the standard events and other special events. In any of them, by participating and winning, you get ADACash which you may use to buy items in our shops, and Experience which you need to rank-up. The more you duel, the more you achieve from our achievements collection.
Besides the events, we also start card discussions where everybody tells something about a certain card so you learn more about it, you may also post your deck if you want to show it to others or need any fixes for it. We offer many articles about rullings, decks etc. which you might like to read and learn more. If you have any rulling question or other yugioh game-related questions you may ask them in the "YGO questions" section and you will get your answer. In ADA you are up to date with the latest news from yugioh TCG and OCG! Along with all other things, we also start different competitions for you. By taking a part in them you may win ADACash. There is also a GFX spot where gfx-ers show their works and where they may get resources and read tutorials to become better. You can buy the "deck shop" item or the "gfx shop" item to open your own shops and sell your decks or gfx works to other ada members and get more ADACash fast. Whenever you feel tired of the day, you may create any topic you want in the "off-topic" section and share something you want with your friends and discuss with them.

.::Your goal::.

In ADA you make your own goal and your own career, whether it be the winner of a tournament or an event, whether it be something else, there is always something to achieve and you can always enjoy the dueling with your friends in ADA!
One of the biggest achievements is getting into our war team! Members who have reached the advanced-duelist rank are welcome in our team! They are taking part in wars between academies on KCTAU representing ADA.

.::Important Links::.

ADA Shop (here you may buy items which you can use in ADA)

ADA GFX Shop (if you want a new avatar or signature, or a userbar, here you may request it from our staff)

ADVD Shop (a special shop for the event "advanced destruction", in it you buy items which you use in that event)

ADA Achievements (the list of achievements, here you may request userbars for your own achievements and afterwards get a cash reward too)