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Welcome to ADA Shop
Hello dear member! In the middle you can see items which you can purchase with your ADA Cash.  If you have enough Cash to purchase an item you wish, simply click on the wanted item's icon and it will appear in the box bellow, then click the button bellow the box. Also, pay attention to Notices because they are important. If you have some questions simply contact our Staff.
Responsible Admins
This is the list of admins responsible for this shop. If you have any problems about the shop, consult one of these admins.

The Crocodile
Buy ADVD items
Weapons and shields

Advanced Rocket

After you win a duel against your opponent, you destroy him immediately

400 ADAC

Chaos Rocket

Target a vehicle, launch the rocket and reduce the target's HP by 100
300 ADAC

Intercept Wave

Prevent other players to duel somebody you want to duel. This lasts one day.
150 ADAC


Your vehicle has 100 HP more during the next "Adv Destruction"



If you are target of a rocket, the shields get destroyed and prevent the rocket to hit your vehicle.


Negate Attack

If one of your opponents requests a duel, you must use this to refuse it. When this is used, THAT opponent can't duel you that day anymore


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