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 Neo Signers

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PostSubject: Neo Signers   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:59 pm

Chapter 1- Creation

Rio was sitting on her secluded spot as usual, looking at her deck. While she was brooding, she heard a twig snap. Looking up, she saw a boy about her age standing there.

"Hello." Rio said, standing up and dusting herself off "I am Rio. What's your name."

"H-Hello." the boy said "My name is Shae."

"Well, do you want to duel?" Rio asked

"Sure, I am up for it."

Rio: 4000
Shae: 4000

"I will begin first." Shae said

"Go ahead." Rio told him

"First, I summon Vice Dragon from my hand. Next, I normal summon Dark Resonator and Tune them together to Synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend. I place a card face-down and end my turn.

"My turn." Rio said "First I summon Wynn the Wind Charmer and activate Double Summon to summon Ancient Fairy Dragon. I use the effect to special summon Familiar-Possessed - Eria from my hand.

(Three turns later)

"Red Dragon Archfiend, attack her directly." Shae ordered

Rio: 0
Shae: 800

"You did good. Can I call you senpai?" Shae asked

"Sure." Rio mumbled, smiling

"Would you like to join the ranks of Neo Signers?" Shae asked "We are dedicated to fighting evil on this planet, and we were missing one last member."

Four others emerged.

"Those are Ralph, Julia, Theodore and Monica. We each have our own unique Dragon.

"Sure, I accept."

"Then we'd like to show you our headquarters." Shae said

(Twenty minutes later, in front of tall building)

"These are our headquarters, and this is where we all live. We have rooms too. Here is your room key." Shae said "We also have our own dueling arena where we practice and improve our decks."

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Neo Signers

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