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 Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer

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PostSubject: Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer   Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:13 am

Alright, since I got the position, time to get to work. This time I'm gonna talk about a card based on another classic card in the game.

Name: Lightray Sorcerer - LIGHT/Spellcaster/Effect
Effect: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special summoned (from your hand) when you have 3 or more banished LIGHT monsters, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Once per turn: You can shuffle 1 of your banished LIGHT monsters into your Deck to Target 1 face-up monster on the field; banish that target. This card cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.

Yes, good ol' Chaos Sorcerer comes in a new form. At first glance, you see that he's not completely like the other LR (Lightrays - let's call them that) monsters. To bring him out, you just need 3 banished LIGHT monsters. Though to some it may sound easy, it kinda is and kinda isn't, but you can decide as you move through the article.

.:How it Stacks Up:.

It has the standard chaos effect (basically is banishes something at the cost of doing battle that turn) but it does come with a somewhat interesting twist. It banishes a face-up monster on the field and shuffles one of your own banished monsters back into the deck. Now it goes without saying that this can help you recycle your LIGHT monsters back into the deck. One thing I must say about the effect is that as it is now on DN, the text states that you must shuffle the banished target into the deck AND remove from play 1 face-up monster; while the official text (which I have used in this article) states that you shuffle the banished target into the deck TO banish 1 face-up monster. Basically means that you would shuffle a monster back regardless of whether you manage to banish the target or not, which works good either way. Sadly on DN using this card and comparing it to the official text can be problematic.

.:Attack Points:.
It's attack is nothing special really, same as Chaos Sorcerers. One thing to note though is that because it is a LIGHT monster, it does have access to Honest, which is good. With that being said, 2300ATK isn't so bad considering that in this format, most of the most commonly played decks revolve around monsters that are normal summoned with a maximum of 1900ATK (Dino Rabbit, Heroes for example), and the biggest ones being usually 2400ATK and above (Evolzar Laggia, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning).

.:Defense Points:.
2000DEF is not bad either. Can't be easily run over, and also isn't "Guaiba prone" (basically saying it can't be run over by Jurrac Guaiba, which is very annoying at times. Stacks up the same was as ATK when considering the monsters we usually see played this format.

.:Deck Playability:.

I'm sure we all know how this deck works, but in case some don't, it basically revolves around getting Earth and Venus on the field to use their effects first, getting them into the grave, then banishing them for Master Hyperion. There are Chaos versions and TG versions, but that's beside the point. When playing Agents, by the time you do summon Master Hyperion and use it's effect, you would already have 2 banished LIGHT monsters. That, along with Black Luster Soldier or even another Hyperion summon, gives you the right amount of monsters to drop this, and then get your monsters back into the deck. That's why this card would be most fit for Agents. The monsters are made to be banished, but once they get there, they don't really get back in the game; this card alone can help with that. For example, a typical situation would be if one had Master Hyperion, BLS and LR Sorcerer in hand with Agent of Mystery - Earth, 2 Mystical Shine Balls, and Sangan in the graveyard. Summoning Hyperion and activating it's effect alone give you 2 remove LIGHT monsters. Summoning BLS gives you the needed 3rd one to finally drop Lightray Sorcerer. Even if the opponent controls no other monsters for BLS double attack, 2700+2300+3000 = 8000. Even if you don't have access to BLS, Hyperion and LR Sorcerer alone deal over 4000 damage which is never a bad thing.
Another interesting thing is that this card can make use of the 2nd Venus. In most cases when using Venus, you summon 2-3 mystical shine balls for a rank 2 Xyz monster, after which the Balls go to the grave, then banished zone, and stay there. While playing this, you can go for Venus, summon 2 Mystical Shine Balls, use them for whatever you need, then when they get banished, use Sorcerer to return 1 to your deck, giving you 2 Shine Balls in the deck to use for the other Venus in the deck. An equally obvious and probably more important thing to mention is that it can recycle Earth back into the deck, which works well since recently Earth got limited to 1.

.:Piper Chaos:.
This deck is stuffed full of LIGHT monsters and drops Chaos monsters all the time, so it could actually work in this deck. Versions which use Cyber Valley would work better with this than most others obviously, since with Valley out it usually means that it will surely get to the Banished zone. With Valleys, you could summoned 1 of them, play Machine Duplication for 2 more, banish 2 of them to get the effect of drawing 2 cards and that give you 2 banished LIGHT monsters already, without losing anything; in fact if they attack Valley, you can get it's effect to draw a card, and give yourself the needed 3rd banished LIGHT monster. Without Cyber Valley, this card is still playable, albeit at a much slower rate. A typical case would be late game when you've banished LIGHT monsters in your graveyard to bring out the bigger Chaos monsters such as Chaos Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. Not to mention that it wouldn't be advised seeing as the main LIGHT in the grave would be Mystic Piper, which needs to remain there in most cases.

Could work here as well, but could also easily be a dead draw. Works because with Miracle Fusions, you can banish 2 LIGHT monsters easily to summon Shining. The reason that would wouldn't work is because of the purpose of summoning Shining. In most cases, Shining is summoned not only as a 3200ATK beater (given that the remove monsters were both HEROs) but also as a means to recycle the HEROs that the deck has, which in the case of the commonly seen versions is important seeing as they usually run 4. With that being said, maintaining least 3 banished LIGHT monsters would probably hurt the player rather than help them. Though one majorly good thing is that it CAN work in build which use D.D. Warrior Lady. For example, you have 2 Alius in the graveyard, and Warrior Lady set. They attack into Lady, you get to banish it and their attacking monster (let's make it that hard earned Laggia for the hell of it Twisted Evil ). If you have Miracle Fusion in hand (or draw it or whatever) and play it, banishing both Alius and summoning Shining, you are then able to summon this. 2300+3200=5500, not bad at all, and if you have to use the effect, you would be able to return Warrior Lady to the deck.

.:Cards That Work:.

.: D.D. Warrior Lady:.
Obviously the 1st card on the list. Removes from play itself and an opponent's monster when in battle, which is pretty much an assured banished LIGHT monster. Other than it's other use was shown in the HEROs example.

.:Chaos Monsters:.
How can they not work when they need to banish 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster just to be summoned. They form another method of obtaining an assured banished LIGHT monster.

.:Master Hyperion:.
Not only does it need to banish 1 LIGHT monster to be summoned, but it also banishes 1 LIGHT monster to activate it's effect of destroying 1 card on the field, which in most cases you would want to do.

.:Cards From the Sky:.
Banishes a LIGHT Fairy-type monster to let you draw 2 cards. Not really played because of it's major downside of not letting you special summon or conduct your battle phase in the same turn it is played.

.:Eclipse Wyvern:.
When this card is sent to the graveyard, you get to banish a LIGHT or DARK level 7 of higher Dragon-type monster from you deck. Works just as well because when it is banished, you get to add the monster banished by its effect to you hand. Because it is also LIGHT you can make use of it's effect while keeping 1 LIGHT monster in you banished zone.

.:DarkFlare Dragon:.
Uses the same summon procedure as the Chaos monsters but can also allow you to banish a monster from either graveyard via it's effect. Banishing a LIGHT monster gives you 1 of the 3, and combined with Eclipse Wyvern you can get the 2nd of even all 3 of the needed LIGHT monsters in the banished zone.

.:Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh:.
Optional but not advised seeing as it needs 3 LIGHT Normal monsters in the grave to be banished just to be summoned. Seems to only work in Hieratic decks but even so it may pose a problem to add 1 monster for the sole purpose of being able to summon another monster.

What I do personally like about this card is that it's a sort of "surprise drop" monster. What I mean is, it's a card that is not easy to anticipate. Similar to Dark Creator in the sense that, it's summoning requirements don't make it so that the opponent can unknowingly miss a chance to prevent the summon or even help you meet the summoning requirements (I mean who doesn't love banishing an opponent's monster before they can use it?).Unlike heavy hitters such as Black Lust soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon, etc. In the case of those monsters, the opponent will watch the duel carefully so as to be ready when you are actually able to summon those monsters or he/she may even try to hinder your plans.I would have to give this card a 7.5/10 at best, because it isn't really able to fit into a variety of decks, especially the more commonly seen ones (Dino Rabbit, Dark World, Inzektors, Wind-ups, HEROs), but if it is able to be summoned, it can be beneficial.[/u]

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PostSubject: Re: Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer   Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:26 am

Last format this card would be amazing.

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PostSubject: Re: Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer   Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:52 am

I actually like this card a lot, it also helps with decks like space ships and cydra decks with eltanin. I also think it has the Potential to be good in hero decks becuz its fusion mat/ is fed by fusion... I wuldnt run it tho cuz u need to fuze 2 times befor shining dies... Unless u make sumthing else... Which isnt tht likely cuz shining is spamtastic... And lawliet... last format this card wuld hav been sooooo good

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Advanced Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:44 am

Edited the Article with more info.

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PostSubject: Re: Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer   

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Card Review: Lightray Sorcerer

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