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 A Challenge from Genma - Deck Tune-Up

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Genma no Ou

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PostSubject: A Challenge from Genma - Deck Tune-Up   Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:41 am

It may come as a surprise to you that not ever single deck I make is completely original. I often test out existing verisons of decks and tweak them to taste. So when I stumbled upon this little gem, I knew it was worth tuning up.

Now I know most of you are thinking, "Genma, that's just a Plant Synchro Deck, how could that possibly strike your interest?" Because I've seen that Deck in action; decsilentenigma on YouTube has a video of his 3rd day with Quickdraw Inzektors, and it includes a bonus game where he fights against what appears to be an earlier version of the deck. And it kicks his ass.

So I decided to see how the deck handled. And, as you can guess, it was clunky. No Sangan, maxxed out on cards like Birdman and Maxx C, a single Ryko (for which he ran Charge of the Light Brigade), no Sangan, and an Extra Deck with no Trishula. Lots of dead draws, combos that couldn't come together due to that 1 missing piece, etc. Tweaking it a little bit gave me this:

Barely looks any different eh? one less monster overall, a Sangan and another Ryko, Book of Moon, Trish, simple stuff... But those small changes made the deck amazing (I really, REALLY had to fight not to use the f word just there)... Just look what it did to Dino-Rabbit 2 games in a row:


Did I mention the 3 Synchros I made Quasar with - Catastor, Hyper Librarian and Formula Synchron - I made in 1 turn? Yeah, it proves one very important thing: no deck should ever be overlooked. If it has even the potential to be amazing, you can make it so.

Thus, I get to the crux of this thread: I challenge you, people of ADA, Slifer to Admin and back, to go out and find a diamond-in-the-rough Deck of your own, and post the before and after images to show whether or not you could make that rock shine...

My Decks:
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PostSubject: Re: A Challenge from Genma - Deck Tune-Up   Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:40 am

challenge accepted *fenrir deck

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A Challenge from Genma - Deck Tune-Up

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