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 fenrir control (the monster not the trap)

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PostSubject: fenrir control (the monster not the trap)   Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:08 am

another deck ive been playing around with for a while basicly it pumps fenrir theres actually a lot of options to consider running with this like eisbahn, ojama trio, closed forest, card guard. personally idk what runs best cuz i honestly havent tested them all out yet i kind of want your guys' opinion on wich i should run, but here is what i have right now its more like of a basic skeleton of a deck right now that focuses on pumping fenrir and some card removal while making it easier to get fenrir out.

monsters: 21
x3 abyss soldier
x2 blizzard dragon
x3 fenrir
x3 hydrogeddon (great card makes me want to run ojama token)
x2 nightmare penguin
x1 sangan
x2 tree otter
x3 warrior of atlantis
x2 x-saber airbullem

x3 a legendary ocean
x3 burden of the mighty
x1 dark hole
x1 level limit area-B
x1 monster reborn
x1 pot of avarice
x2 umiruka

x3 horn of the phantom beast
x1 trap dustshoot
x1 mirror force
x1 torrential tribute
x1 solemn judgment

extra deck:
x1 ancient fairy dragon
x2 black rose dragon
x1 brionic
x1 dewloren
x1 gaia
x1 flamvell uruquizas(i remember when he was a staple and i could run heavy storm AND giant trunade good times)
x1 black ray lancer
x1 evolzar dolkka
x1 evolzar laggia
x1 lavalval chain
x1 leviair
x1 utopia
x1 roach
x1 zen-maines

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fenrir control (the monster not the trap)

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