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 Please comment/rate My machina antimeta

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PostSubject: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:55 am

machina fortress x3
machina geaframe x2
malefic cyber end dragon x2
cyber dragon x2
genex ally birdman x2
cyber valley x3
thunder king rai-oh x2
reborn tengu x3
beast king barbaros x2
skill drain x3
dark bribe x2
dimensional prison x2
solemn judgment x1
mirror force x1
starlight road x1
Pot of duality x2
forbidden lance x2
mystical space typhoon x2
book of moon x1
dark hole x1
monster reborn x1

Extra deck
Cyber end dragon x3
chimeratech fortress dragon x2
number 39: utopia x2
stardust dragon x2
Scrap dragon x2
black rose dragon x2
genex ally triforce x2

Skill drain is almost a tech in my deck its made to explode while keeping my effects.
weakness of previous skill drain decks is that they were too slow and
heavily relied on skill drain. i dont need skill drain to win. its just
there to agitate my opponent. they only thing that needs skill drain is
barbaros and malefic cyber end. and i can discard malefic for fortress.
and the only monster that gets hurt by skill drain is machina gearframe
but i could be bad and drop a lance on it
Im still making edits but
this is my current build. opinions? (i dont want monster suggestions
that work well with skill drain on board but if skill drain is not
present the monster sucks GIGANTOR ballz)

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Advanced Duelist
Advanced Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:17 am

well it says anti-meta but it looks like an aggro deck, what with Malefics and Birdman and such. the last time i played Machina Stun was last format where i literally never lost once with it. against anyone. i used the Machina Gadget Variant with ten million traps and Solidarity and 2 or 3 7tools. I could plus every turn and keep beating down my opponent and they couldn't do crap bc of my traps. now obviously that was with 2 mst and trunade as opposed to 3 mst and heavy, but that's generally how anti meta works. normal summon monsters with lots of attack and effects to give you easy advantage or disrupt the opponent, 3 duality bc you rarely special summon, and a bajillion traps to disrupt the opponent. maxx c is also a good tech these days. yet another way to disrupt, and you don't even have to commit it to the field. it's not a bad deck but i wouldn't say it's anti meta either. for the record, i like Drain better in TG bc of your Gearframes (which you need 3 of antimeta or not btw) and perhaps gadgets. if you don't end up using the gadgets you're good though probably

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PostSubject: Re: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:59 am

gear frame almost never gets hit by skill drain, and i can always be noob and drop a lance on it. either way you have to be smart about timing. thats were the skill takes place. either way i only use gearframe, its soul purpose is to give me a fortress to my hand, not to equip. and because of skill drain i only play 2 gearframe anyway, also 3 over crowds; i achieve the same result by re-normal summoning thanks to bird man bouncing him back to the hand. it only looks that my deck normal summons more than special summons. but i can explode on the field if i wanted too.
gadgets:bad in my deck i main thunder king and skill drain, im not trying to make a stun deck even tho it might resemble one my goal is to make a competitive skill drain deck that can win with without skill drain, im attempting to strengthen skill drains most exploited weakness: SPEED, CONTROL, VERSATILITY, and as i said before, in the absence of skill drain i am able to win; machina Fortress meets my expectations

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PostSubject: Re: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:46 pm

Cyber Dragon is bad for Machines. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon kills them.

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PostSubject: Re: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:10 am

no one runs chimeratech anymore it would be a rare encounter at best, and he can always side deck it out

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PostSubject: Re: Please comment/rate My machina antimeta    

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Please comment/rate My machina antimeta

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