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 Introduction and Information.

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PostSubject: Introduction and Information.    Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:05 am

Nicknames: Tech Genius, Kensei-sama, Kensei-kun, Boy with a Man's Eyes.

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual [Likes Girl]

Date of Birth: April 1st

Occupation: Duelist of Duel Academy [Obelisk Blue, although never wears the outfit]

Hair Colour: Black Spikey Hair

Eye Colour: Black

Height: 5'1

Weight: 130lbs


most children his Age, Kensei is a fairly small teenager who is not
know for his "Tall" Stature. He is one of those "small" few who don't
grow up over a summer break, but over his entire life. Despite his small
stature and height, he has the black eyes of a fighter, with eyes
blacker then even a dark hole, and a glare like a war veteran. He has a
small scar on his right hand from a accident with a project with his new
duel disk modification, and a large scar on his back from a bombing at
his house when he was only 8, killing his parents and the Debree
collapsing on him.

His skin is a bit tanned but is mostly of a
gentle white color, with his skin well washed and clean. His eyes are
narrowed, and his eye brows have a look to make him seem a bit serious
all the time, which he mostly is all the time. He has a metal colored
necklace that his mom always wore when she was alive, and a red bandana
his dad always wore tied around his right wrist, where his scar is. He
never takes them off, no matter what happens.

For clothing, he
usually wears the same outfit he wore before D.A. A grass colored
over-shirt, with a light sun yellow shirt to wear with his black long
shorts and black and yellow shoes. His metal colored duel disk is always
hooked on his back, and can be adjusted into a staff like device for a
weapon against intruders or thugs.


people who have met or heard of Kensei, he is a serious duelist with a
heart of pure gold. He believes if you don't take everything seriously,
one day your gonna be joking around, and miss something important in
your life. He has this attitude in dueling, and uses that to keep his
cool and collect what to do in the situation rather then be a air head
and make a mistake.

He used to be a prankster when he was a kid,
and always smiled and goofed off with his friends back home in Venice,
until the bombing at his house. It was also when he seriously smiled or
laughed most of the time.

It is ironic that Kensei does not like to be funny and crack jokes when his birthday is on April Fools day.


Working on machines
Surpassing his limits
Learning about new cards
Coming back from the Brink


Stupid people
His Birthday


Fear Itself


Machine expert
His unbeatable Willpower
His trust in his Deck




Kensei Hitoku is the only child of Susanna Hitoku and Agito Hitoku.
He is a fourteen year old boy who is known as the alias as "Tech
Genius". He was born into Dueling, and has been playing the game ever
since he was 5 by his father, who was a old friend of the one and only
Maxamillion Pegasus, and for his 6th Birthday was given his own deck of
Cards that his dad made for him. When he was 8 years old, a escaped
terrorist came and attacked his family house, since they were the
wealthiest family around at the time in Venice. Kensei was injured bad,
and his parents were taken away and died in the explosion. He was
enrolled into a private acadamy by Pegasus, and watched his growth with
his dueling and his "Tech Genus" Deck. Kensei is the first person to
ever use the cards and the rare Synchro Monsters. When Kensei was 10, He
was able to hear his duel spirit, Junk Synchron, and was able to listen
to his words. He was Kensei's only true friend then when he was at the
private school. His skills were good enough to bypass two years of the
private school, and take a test in D.A, and beat the examiner in one
turn, making him the number one student of his class in Obelisk Blue. He
is a first year at Duel Academy now, and is a Obelisk Blue. Most
mistake him for a visitor, since he never wears the uniform and get's
nagged for it.


Become a Duel Legend, and make his parents proud
Always surpass his limits
Becoming Number one in the world
Duel Yugi Motou

Theme Song(s):

"End of Days"-Wade Barrett

RP Sample:

"Wahahahaha! Foolish boy! You think you can take on something of the
power of gods! Skiel!" On the roads connecting Neo Domino and Satellite,
the roads were used for transportation, and the other reason for the
many Turbo duels in the city. A ferocious battle was breaking out
between two boys, looking no older then thirteen each! These two boys
were turbo dueling on a pair of strange boards, connecting to each
others duel disk on there right arms. A huge mechanical monster was
above one of the boys who had green eyes, skinny, and pale skin with a
evil feel around him. This monster was compossed of five other monsters
to form a monster known as Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity! Its attack
power is 2200, and its ability steals a synchro monster from the
opposing side, and adds its attack points to its own! Right now, It has
not absorbed a synchro monster yet, leaving it at 2200.The other boy,
however, was not scared or even seemed concerned at the moment. His eyes
said he was down, but not out. There fields were similar. Each had a
monster of equal strength. Skiel had 2200, while This boy's fiend
Megacyber also had 2200! This boy had dark black brownish hair, and
brown eyes. His clothing had a light yellow hoodie, a pair of black
jeans, and gold tennis shoes with a gold Duel board!
A kid with green's eyes beat both of you? Seriously?!"Said the same boy
with the yellow hoodie. He was talking to a boy and girl both with
green hair, who looked almost identical. The boy was names Rua, and he
was the oldest of these two twins. The girl was named Ruka, and she was
the boy's best friend. "Yeah, he was totally weird too! We had no
chance! Even though it was two on one!" Said Rua. "It was hard, but we
were not injured during the duel. He is dangerous, and he is hurting
people!" Ruka said, her eyes were seen having sadness in them. The boy
frowned, and nodded. "Well, if I see him, i'll make him pay! No one
hurts my friends!" He said boldy. "NO! You must not duel him Kensei! He
is unlike anyone you have ever seen! I told you that someone like Yusei,
Jack, Akiza, or Crow can handle him! Don't battle him!"Ruka said, which
caused the boy to sweatdrop, and nodd in agreement. "Ok, I' won't duel
[Back to present time]
"Well...I kept that promise
apparently! Ok, you done yapping so I can finish beating you around?"
Kensei was not worried still, as The green eyed boy was getting
frustrated with Kensei's cool closure. "Fine, just try me!" Kensei
nodded, smirking since the green eyed boy didn't have any face-down's
left. "I summon the tuner monster, X-Saber Pashuul!" He placed the card
on the duel disk as a barbaric monster with a experimented right eye
appeared on his side of the field in attack mode, with a power of 100.
"A synchro summon?!" Kensei nodded, smirking as he pointed to his two
monsters. "I tune my level 6 Fiend Megacyber to my level 2 X-Saber
Pashuul! Creating a level 8 monster! When the sword is broken, a new
warrior comes to claim the weapon of justice! Smash them down with your
mighty fists of rage! Synchro summon! Break through, Colossal
Fighter!"In the disappearance of the two monsters a white warrior
appeared ready to challenge the strange monster. In Kensei's graveyard,
there were currently Ten warrior monsters."My monster gains power from
his fallen comrades, so for each warrior in either grave, it gains 100
attack points, and I count 10 in mine, so thats a bonus 1000!" Colossal
fighter raises from 2800 to 3800! So now, even if you change targets,
your gone! Colossal fighter, attack his Skiel with Raging Rapid fists!"
The white warrior charged brightly at the machine monster, smashing its
head into a million peices. The green eyed boy freaked out, not able to
believe what was happening, as his life points went from 1300 to 0. He
was devastated, as the paint on his body began to be melted off,
revealing another duel bot. Kensei went wide eyed at this, realizing he
just beat a Duel bot, and not lucciano!. He bot exploded, causing smoke
and debree to surround them. Once the smoke cleared, Kensei was on the
ground unconcious. Siren's were heard in the distance coming in his

[Note; This is just a examplt of my ability as a
Role-player. Not actually my character. It's 11:00 here, and i'm too
tired to make a new one x.x]

Kensei's Duel Spirit

Name: Junk Synchron

He is a very energetic spirit, and always wants to help Kensei make
sure he wins his matches, and is usually his ace monster to beat down
and win. He likes to rev his motor when he is angry or excited.

Deck: Tech Genus Deck

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Article Team
Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction and Information.    Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:56 am


this is a description of yourself or for a story ?

either way, welcome, I guess D:

btw, my favorite card is junk synchron x_x (well, one of them)

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D. Nova

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction and Information.    Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:29 am

holly sh*t kensei . . . welcome to ada

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction and Information.    Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:07 pm

Welcome to ADA Kensei-sama Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction and Information.    

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Introduction and Information.

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