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 robbin watt?

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PostSubject: robbin watt?   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:51 am

this deck is based around attacking directly with watts(preferebly wattchimera) and using robbin goblin to make the opponent discard their hand
20 monsters:
x3 wattpheasant
X3 wattgiraffe
x2 wattwoodpecker
x2 wattking cobra
x2 wattlemur
x2 wattfox
x2 wattdragonfly
x2 thunder king rai-oh
x1 honest
x1 cyber dragon

6 spells:
x3 wattcastle
x2 recycling batteries
x1 monster reborn

16 traps:
x3 robbin goblin
x3 judgment of thunder
x3 watt cancel
x3 compulsory evacuation device
x2 dark bribe
x2 bottomless(in this format id rather run bottomless than solemn warning)

so thats 42 cards altogether... my friend ran a similar build that destroyed every deck he dueled but he forgot it...=.= aanyway its a fun build but i feel it could use... something... suggestions plz! Smile

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robbin watt?

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