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PostSubject: ygoRPG   ygoRPG Icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 4:15 pm

Hey there...Remember in...2013 I think, when I came up with that "RPG mode" idea? ...Well you probably don't, so here's the post  Razz 
MNOPYZ Strife wrote:

-For events, I thought up something; I call it "RPG mode".
The Duelists pick Starter decks, and every time someone wins, they get 1 DP; They can trade 1 DP to get 5 cards from a certain boosterpack (The cards will be selected by a randomizer), and by completing achievements such as getting a number of wins, you get access to more boosterpacks.
Well, I couldn't really start it back then because I didn't have the programs or ability to program, but I fixed it is:

ygoRPG Coolte11

Everyone's welcome to join Smile

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