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 Fortune lady Prophecy deck March 2014

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Fortune lady Prophecy deck March 2014 Empty
PostSubject: Fortune lady Prophecy deck March 2014   Fortune lady Prophecy deck March 2014 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 4:31 pm

i need help and opinions to make the deck better so i can win :I

x2 Tragoedia
x2 Effect Veiler 
x3 Fortune lady light
x3 Fortune lady dark
x2 Fortune lady water
x2 Spellbook magician of prophecy
x2 Temperance of prophecy
x1 High priestress of prophecy
x1 Black luster soldier- envoy of the beginning 
x1 Malefic stardust dragon

x2 Spellbook of life
x2 Mystical space typhoon
x1 terraforming
x2 Pot of duality
x2 Spellbook of wisdom
x1 Dark hole
x3 Spellbook of secrets
x2 Spellbook of the Master
x1 Allure of Darkness
X3 Fortune's Furture
x3 Future Visions

x1 Bottomless trap hole
x1 Compluse Eva. Device
X1 T.Tribute
x1 Mirror force
x2 Call of the haunted

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Fortune lady Prophecy deck March 2014

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