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 Burning Knucklers

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PostSubject: Burning Knucklers   Burning Knucklers Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 6:32 pm

Burning Knucklers Hk7NtlLI personally think these run great they can summon a lot if your lucky anyway here is the deck list

2x- counter blow
3x- Glassjaw
2x- headgear
3x- spar
3x- switch hitter
2x- goblindbergh
1x- Gorz
2x- Photon Thrasher
3x- Rose Warrior
1x- Dark Hole
1x- Foolish Burial
2x- Forbidden Lance
1x- Heavy Storm
1x- Monster Reborn
2- MST
1x- Pot of avarice
1x- Reinforcement of the army
2x- Warrior Returning alive
3x- Evacuation Device
1x- Mirror Force
1x- Solemn Warning
1x- Solemn Judgement
2x- Starlight Road
Now for the side
3x- Light Imprisoning Mirror
3x- Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
1x- Steelswarm Roach
And Finally the extra
2x- Colossal Fighter
1x- Scrap Dragon
1x- Stardust Dragon
1x- Blade Armor Ninja
3x- Leadblow
1x- Gagaga Cowboy
1x- Heroic Champion Gandiva
2x- Number 105
1x- Utopia
1x- C105

So that is the deck please post your thoughts and suggestions below.

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Burning Knucklers

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