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 Ruling Competition 2 Answer

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PostSubject: Ruling Competition 2 Answer   Ruling Competition 2 Answer Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2012 5:23 pm

you have a face up spirit reaper.

your opponent normal summons tsukuyomi targeting your face up spirit reaper.

you chain effect veiler.

what happens and why?

Answer by Abdo_Tarek:
CL1 yomi

Cl2 veiler,

Veiler negates yomi, yomi resolves negated, it already targeted reaper, reaper is destroyed by it's own continuous effect without starting a chain

EP, opp can choose to resolve yomi negated, or pass priority, if he passes, I can choose to end veiler or pass prio, if I pass, he is forced to resolve yomi while negated

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Ruling Competition 2 Answer

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