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 ADVD and The Survival - Updates 18 August 2012

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PostSubject: ADVD and The Survival - Updates 18 August 2012   Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:11 am

The two events got updated

~Advanced Destruction update includes:

  • Stadium idea
  • Changing Terrain idea
    (The stadium changes its terrain that has special effects affecting your duels, it may also be without any effect so you play normally)
Click on this link and check the details:

~Survival mode update includes:

  • No more modes, now there is only 1 regular mode
  • Cash and experience awards updated and balanced
  • Ranks do not matter in this challenge anymore, your opponent can be everybody (staff will be fair enough, don't worry)
Click on this link and check the details:

Reason for the updates:
~ADVD was not hosted for a long time, and to make it a bit more interesting for the members, it would be good to try putting them into special environments and check their abilities in them. We've let the opportunity to have a normal terrain for regular duels in ADVD though.

~The survival had some problems because of the new ranking system, and the "modes" idea was not so very good because it lost its purpose (the purpose was to demonstrate a list of opponents like in a war team that act like a team that tries to beat you as the challenger), thus the ranks do not matter anymore and modes got removed.

Occasional ADVD and Survival events may happen soon. We will not yet tell you the details, stay active and have fun!


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ADVD and The Survival - Updates 18 August 2012

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