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 Custom Banlist Tournament

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PostSubject: Custom Banlist Tournament   Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:03 am

In this tournament everyone will follow a custom made banlist made by me and other staff, this is to try and balance some decks and give every deck a chance to win, so everyone can have fun. This is the first custom banlist tournament, but it wont be the last Very Happy

Now for the banlist

-monster reborn
-mind control
-black luster soldier envoy of the beginning
-five-headed dragon
-wind-up hunter
-card destruction
-dark hole

-inzektor centipede
-tour guide of the underworld
-mystical space typhoon
-trishula dragon of the ice barrier
-royal oppression
-magician of faith
-swords of revealing light
-RED-EYES Darkness metal dragon
-gaia dragon thunder charger
-snoww, the unlight of darkworld

-lightpulsar dragon
-hieratic dragon king of atum
-wind-up shark
-wind-up rat
-book of moon
-burial from a different dimension
-debris dragon
-gladiator beast bestiari
-rescue rabbit
-t.g striker
-final countdown
-skill drain

-formula synchron
-lonefire blossom
-the agent on mystery earth
-destiny draw
-summoner monk
Anything not on this list will hold it original position on are current banlist.

- Both TCG and OCG are allowed
- No burn, mill, stall, FTK, OTK, Exodia
- Custom banlist
- If opponent agrees you may duel in any system.
- Duels will be best 2/3
- Deck changing is allowed between matches
- most matches will be played in unlimited
- Have fun Very Happy
- if you are caught not following the banlist you will be disqualified

1st:200 ADAC and 30exp
2nd:150 ADAC and 20exp
3rd:100 ADAC and 10 exp
and a free custom avatar with a render of your choosing

DN name:
Comodo Unite name:
Time Zone:

participants will use comodo unite network
Password: academy

Participants:(we will have 8 unless more people want to join then i will go up to 16)
-Slot Tool/slot tool/none/GMT-5
-ageha/Ageha13/ Ageha/GMT 2
-Aki/Light Joan/None/GMT 1
-L.Lawliet/l.lawliet/none/GMT 2
-UchihaShisui/UchihaShisui/none/GMT 1
-Snakedoc(Lord)/snake/snake/GMT 1
-KillerBee/_KillerBee_/none/GMT 2
-inubz/BlackFireBlaster/iNubz/GMT 0
-darkfusion/DarkFusion/none/GMT 1
-placido/!!Placido/none/GMT 2

Round 1
Vayu vs. Placido(0-2)
UchihaShisui vs. L.Lawliet(0-2)
Adambomb202 vs. Darkfusion
Snakedoc(Lord) vs. inubz
Nitroturbo vs. Slot Tool
Koolkid vs. Rand(2-0)
Ageha vs. Blast(1-2)
Aki vs. Killerbee(0-2)

Round 2

Placido gets a free pass
Lawliet vs Killerbee
Adambomb vs Blast
Inubz vs Koolkid

Semi Finals

Lawliet vs placido
Blast vs Koolkid


Koolkid 2:0 Lawliet


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The Crocodile
ADA Leader
ADA Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Custom Banlist Tournament   Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:36 am

halving the awards because of more inactive people (making the tourney a 10 player tourney and not 16 player one)

1st place koolkid
2nd place lawliet

awarded, locked

congratulations Smile


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Custom Banlist Tournament

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