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 quickdraw quasar needs help with speed

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PostSubject: quickdraw quasar needs help with speed    Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:18 pm

hey guys this my second post on ada and i thought i would through out my old quickdraw quasar build because i discarded about a year ago because of the dawn of the xyz's and though syncros where going to die and my deck just wasnt fast enough to keep up with. Dose anyone know of a really strong build for summoing shooting quasar dragon because he is my second favorit card ( bls will always be no. 1 ) this was my old build and i enjoyed playing it a lot but i never won anything at a tourny and maybe one of ada's experienced members would enjoy helping me kick some butt mumcher down at locals.

monster: 24

3 quick draw synchron

2 effect veilers

2 unknown synchron

2 synchron explorer

2 doppelwarrior

2 junk synchron

2 level eater

1 lyla

2 ryko

2 chaos sorcerer

1 gorz

1 bls

1 sangan

1 dandylion

spells : 16

1 charge of light brigade

1 dark hole

1 heavy storm

1 reinforcement of the army

1 monster reborn

1 pot of avirers

1 mind controle

1 book of moon

1 foolish burial

2 mst

3 tuning

2 hand d

extra deck:

1 formula synchron

1 armory arm

1 hyper lybrarian

1 cataster

1 brio

1 black rose

1 star dust

1 shooting star dragon

1 shooting quasar dragon

2 junk warrior

1 nitro warrior

1 turbo warrior

1 road warrior

1 drill warrior

I thought about adding a mist worm over the second junk warrior but i have a second one just incase my first push gets solemned or tt'ed

all advice is welcome and i was woundering if i could just take a screen shot and post the link to it or is this how you guys want the deck to be displayed?


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PostSubject: Re: quickdraw quasar needs help with speed    Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:50 pm

ok u want quickdraw quasasr so u dont want to mix it with chaos cuz the 2 dont really mix since lightsworns dont do anything for synchon deck
so -1 lyla -2 ryko -2 chaos sorc -1 bls and -1 charge of the light brigade -2 veiler (put them in side instead) u wanna max level eater and junk synchron u dont want any hand destructions and u want +2 tuningware and +2 quillbolt hedgehog
spells are all good except for that charge and those hand d but maybe add 1 or 2 warrior returning alive to reuse those junk synchrons
and traps well u dont have any but its ideal to have 2 call of the haunted and side 2 iron walls
and finally the extra deck ok not much wrong with it but take out turbo warrior its useless =.=
and -1 junk warrior and +1 junk destroyer and +1 junk berserker
what u have to try and do is get a catastor or junk warrior on the field then use level eater on junk to make it lv 4 and summon it and special quickdraw then quillbolt and summon road with those 3 monsters then use road to summon unknown synchron and use level eater on road to make it lv 7 then sync for formula then level eater make road 6 and then 2+4+6 =12 and u got quasar Razz either that or u can try to get 2 lv 5 synchro on the field then formula for quasar but the other way is easier to do

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PostSubject: Re: quickdraw quasar needs help with speed    Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:00 am

anyone else have a way to do it or is that it?

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Article Team
Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: quickdraw quasar needs help with speed    Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:27 pm

@inubz, u didnt even mentioned that u got that experience from me lol, jk Razz

Well, well, well, U can summon quasar at first turn if u have a explorer, eater and quickdraw(qd) in hand, summon qd by discarding eater and use eater on qd to synch 5 (junk Wwarrior), normal explorer to summon qd and use eater on junk warrior ( now at lv4). Synch all 3 for road warrior and use eff to summon unknown synchron.. use eater on road (now lv7).. synch formula and use eater again on road ( now lv6) Then boon quasar using formula road and junk warrior ..

My fav combo lol Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: quickdraw quasar needs help with speed    

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quickdraw quasar needs help with speed

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