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 Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)

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PostSubject: Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)   Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:09 am

Ok so the first build didnt do well so i made a new one. Rate and Comment Please

E-Hero Avian

E-Hero Burstinatrix

E-Hero Neos

2x Tune Warrior

3x Chaos End Master

3x Delta Flyer

2x E-Hero Bubbleman

2x E-Hero Heat

2x E-Hero Lady Heat

2x E-Hero Necroshade

2x E-hero Neos Alius

E-Hero Ocean

E-Hero Prisma

E-Hero Stratos

E-Hero Wildheart

2x King of the Swamp


2x Fusion Gate

Heavy Storm

Miracle Synchro Fusion

Monster Reborn

2x Miracle Fusion



A Hero Emerges

2x Hero Barrier

Hero Blast

2x Hero Signal

Mirror Force

Starlight Road

Extra Deck:

Dragon Knight Draco Equiste

E-Hero Absolute Zero

E-Hero Darkbright

E-Hero Escuridao

E-Hero Flame Wingman

E-Hero Great Tornado

E-Hero Inferno

E-Hero Neos Knight

E-Hero Nova Master

E-Hero The Shining

Ancient Fairy Dragon

Black-Winged Dragon

Red Dragon Archfiend

2x Stardust Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)   Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:24 pm

ok lets see then the knights and that joker thing.... not the best in the world u have to wait for all 3 to be in hand or on field for poly so get rid of the knights and the jokers. mmm u definately need dark hole and 3 cyber dragons.
-2 flare resonator and -1 dark resonator. +1 mind control
and u will definately need +!future fusion. and maybe +2 fusion gate. the fusions should beelemental heroes for high power beat stick so +1 reinforcement of the army +1 stratos +3 prisma +2 neos alius and +2/3 emergency call and +2 warrior returning alive. about +2 super poly and +3 chain material and +3 synchro fusionist and +3 junk synchron and +2 quickdraw and +2 unknown synchron and +3 tuning +1 call of the haunted and -2powergiant
and +1 junk warrior +1 hyper librarian +1 junk beserker +1 junk destroyer and +1 road warrior and +1 level eater and +1 dark diviner. -1 gaia knight and -1 stardust and +1 quasar +1 the tricky and +2 d.d.r.
of course +1 avarice and maybe +1 book of moon if u want
hmmm stardust shaolong....only have this is u want majestics (if u want majestics then have 2 shaolong +3 majestic dragon +1 majestic red dragon and +1 majestic star) if u dont want majestics then -3 shaolong and +1 one for one +2 limit reverse
-1 polymerization -1 red screen
and really ancient forest isnt the best stall card so..... -2 ancient forest if u want protection then +2 fader. this is probably a bit over so.... -1 barrier resonator and -1 black winged dragon -1 waboku
well this is all i can think of sorry if its a bit over 40......

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PostSubject: Re: Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)   Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:05 pm

ok thanks

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PostSubject: Re: Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)   

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Ehero-Dragon (Synchro-Fusion Edited)

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