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 My office

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PostSubject: My office   Wed May 23, 2012 9:22 pm

Hey everyone my name is Twedledum and I'm your new moderator.
About me:
1) I'm friendly always offering help to ppl who need it.
2) I really like anime and originality
3) I usually take a big break from YGO and my other games. Meanwhile I'm watching a lot of TV series.
4) I don't like when ppl are requesting without saying please.
My hobbies:
1) YGO and another card game
2) Anime and TV Series
3) Reading (sounds crazy)
4) And one of my latest hobiies which appears once in 3-4 years in each teenager's life: learning for exams Very Happy
PS: The point 4 from my hobies doesn't mean I'll be absent...I'm gonna do my job and fulfill all my duties as a MODERATOR!!!

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My office

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