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 Ojama Everything!!

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Article Team

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PostSubject: Ojama Everything!!   Sun May 13, 2012 11:51 am

Hey guys, its me again and this time i have come up wit one of the most craziest and off the wall deck that works like a charm..its revolving around ojama.. Very Happy
But first, the first thing u might think about those ojama are its monster lockdown besides those ugly faces. lol! but although my deck dosnt rely on that..i was successful in creating the lock..check this out..

anyway, heres the deck: Game plan? What game plan? This Deck isn’t about sticking to the road map – it’s about huge, unbelievable, spectacular moves that no other Deck can pull off! It’s unpredictable and you never know what it’s going to do next.

This deck first starts with blue ojama, usually when its destroyed, i go for ojama country and ojamagic..then in my turn..i activate my field and discard ojamagic to ss blue again and then get all those 3 ojama monsters..from there the skys the limit lol!

I run 3 hunter..its soo useful this deck, cause i can discard those 3 ojama for 3 of my opp cards..thats if i have good luck..its also discard ojamagic and then get all 3 monsters again..its tech awesome.. Very Happy

Also, this deck has very good draw power.. if i have all 3 bros together..i can discard for card destruction and get 3 NEW right?
But those Ojamas aren’t just for draw combos! i can fuse them togeter to get ojama king or knight and create that terrifying lockdown Smile
I have also found that this deck is incredible wit 2 avarice..but its limited and i m tryin to find a way of recyling those ojamas Sad

Then comes Yusie time lol..i can use junk synchron to bring any of those ojamas and synch catastor or android..and if i have 1 more ojama lying on the field..i can go for lv7 synchro usually rose but my personal twist is addin ancient fairy..i can destroy my country ge1000LP and get another country and use its eff all over again playing around the “Once per turn” restriction.

Then after building up much resources in the grave..i can push for game with my chaos monsters..since i playin several dark monsters in my deck..
Also i frgt to metion about instant fusion..i can use it for instant synchro with my lv3 geting scrap dragon and usin its eff to destroy my ojamagic gettin the 3 bros all over again..also ojamcountry helps to summon ojama knight again and again..+ ojama knight goes to whooping 2500 atk and my opp will often find trouble get over my monster..

Thats all bout this crazy deck..and infinite combos that just keep comin...plz rate and comment... and try to improve while u can..its most appreciated
Very Happy thxn for readin.. LETS ROCK THE WORLD WITH OJAMAS cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Ojama Everything!!   Sun May 13, 2012 2:39 pm

shoudnt u have ojama red?
i mean if u use ojama country eff and discard ojamagic and get 3 ojamas then if u normal red u can summon all 3 of those then u can delta hurricane if u wanna run it
i also think u shud run 2 super polys and 2 ojama trios since u can use ojama tokens for the summon of ojama knight plus if u summon all 3 ojamas by red then u can super poly discarding another ojamagic and get king + 3 more ojamas then if u have poly u can get ojama knight and complete the lockdown and maybe u wanna run a terraforming or 2 for times where u dont get ojama country but have a knight or king lying on the field in def
u definately wanna run an honest and maybe gear golem the moving fortress if u have an ojama on the field with ojama country u can pay 800 to atk ur opponent directly for 2200 damage and maybe 1/2 shield and sword for backup incase u dont have ojama country
and perhaps a gachi or 2

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Ojama Everything!!

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