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 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck

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PostSubject: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck   Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:05 pm

I am testing my set of decks so i was wondering maybe you can help me with them

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Genma no Ou

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PostSubject: Re: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck   Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:00 pm

For future reference, please don't post so many decks at a time; some mods may consider it spamming, and that could be very costly.

As for a suggestion on the deck...

-1 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon (just doesn't help the theme)
-1 Red-Eyes B. Chick (2 is plenty, as Red-Eyes has alternative summon methods)
-3 Dragon Zombie (he doesn't help much either)
-1 Summoned Skull, to side (Meteor Dragon makes the better Fusion, and has benefits of support)
-1 Inferni Fireblast (I don't like cards that support specific monsters, but it's too good not to try.)
-1 Fusion gate
-1 Polymerization (both have the same rationale - Dragons have more efficient fusion cards)
-1 Mystic Plasma Zone (you're better off with strong support than a small boost for monsters whose key feature is already strength)
-1 magic Jammer, -1 Trap Jammer (the first is costly, the second conditional)
-2 Dragon Reincarnation (not a good card at all)

+3 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (life-blood of any Dragon deck)
+2 Eclipse Wyvern (banish any high-Level Red-Eyes to bring back later)
+2 Lightpulsar Dragon (Banish Wyvern to add the removed dragon to your hand, great alternate beatstick, its own second summoning effect fuels your deck)
+1 Future Fusion (with Five-Headed Dragon, mill off 5 Dragons and set up combos)
+1 Dragon's Mirror (this gets you a fusion for 1 card, rather than 2 or 3)
+1 Heavy Storm (staple)
+1 MST (staple)
+1 Book of Moon (staple)
+2 Call of the Haunted (staple)
+1 Five-Headed Dragon (staple for dragons)

My Decks:
Volcanic Xyz
Troll Beasts
HERO Drain
Neo Galaxy Hieratics
Hieratic Gishki
Chaos Piper
Darkstorm Turbo
Chaos Dragons
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PostSubject: Re: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck   Mon May 28, 2012 7:00 am

Hey man. I run a Red-Eyes deck too. For me I would personally say

-1 red-eyes zombie (doesnt fit in cuz its only for zombies)
-3 of the normal monster
-1 meteor dragon
-1 summoned skull
-1 chick (3 is too many)

+2 exploder dragon (great for masked dragon)
+2 decoy dragon really helps out
+2 red-eyes darkness metal dragon (his eff is great and wyvern can help for revival also decoy)

-3 inferno (use just 2)
-the fusion spells
-lightning vortex

+1 mst
+2-3 swing of memories
+2 ancient rules
+2 summoner's art
+1 book of moon

honestly in my opinion, i would take out all the traps except mirror force and add in
+1 torrential tribute
+1 solemn judgment
+2 solemn warning
+2 call of the haunted
+1 starlight road

I've had a 15-2 record w/ Red-Eyes and this is how i would have my deck built. I hope this helps but the decision is of course yours in the end. Good luck! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck   Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:30 am

Btw genmas deck is built toward the chaos dragon build and jesses is the hopeless dragon build in case u wanted to check out more ideas on google yugiohwiki youtube ect. Its good to do research imo.

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PostSubject: Re: Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck   

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Red-Eyes Black Dragon Deck

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