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PostSubject: OOPArts   Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:32 pm

Recently I came across these new cards. The Mother Wikipedia says that thay have been used in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, but I'm not sure since I never watched it. I'm sure of is that something like these monster have been used in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's by Tenzen Yanagi which you may better know as "That-crazy-man-Yusei-met-in-facility". These new monsters are called Out-Of-Place Artifact or OOPArts for short. So what exactly can these cards do? Let's find it out.

Firstly, let's check monster cards. OOPArts Colossal Head

Level 4
ATK 800/ DEF 1600
Effect: You can banish this card from your Graveyard to target 1 face-up Level 3 or higher monster on the field; change that target to face-up Defense Position or face-down Defense Position. You can only activate the effect of "OOPArts Colossal Head" once per turn.

Doesn't look very impressive and effect isn't exactly good one as well. However, it can be good at situation when you have to defend your life points.

OOPArts Crystal Bone

Level 3
ATK 1300/ DEF 400
Effect: If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this card is Special Summoned this way: You can Special Summon 1 "OOPArts" monster from your hand or Graveyard, except "OOPArts Crystal Bone".

A really nice effect. It special summons itself, another OOPArts monster and you can Normal Summon monster as well. This could be used well for powerful Xyz or Synchro monster.

OOPArts Mayan Machine

Level 3
ATK 1500/ DEF 700
Effect: This card can be treated as 2 Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Machine-Type monster.

Typical sacriface monster. Decent ATK for level 3 monster, so I guess it's not a bad card.

OOPArts Crystal Skull

Level 3
ATK 900/ DEF 600
Effect: If you control a face-up "OOPArts" monster: You can discard this card; add 1 "OOPArts" monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand, except "OOPArts Crystal Skull". You can only activate the effect of "OOPArts Crystal Skull" once per turn.

A searcher card. Nice effect, but it would be quite bad if you had only this OOPArts monster in hand or field. Plus low ATK doesn't help much. However, if you have OOPArts monster on field, this card can prove to be very useful.

OOPArts Golden Shuttle

Level 4
ATK 1300/ DEF 1400
Effect: Once per turn: You can increase the Level of all face-up "OOPArts" monsters you control by 1.

Not an impressive monster, but can be of great help to get one out. Increase level of your OOPArts monster and summon appropriate Xyz monster or maybe even Synchro if you have tuner on field.

OOPArts Moai

Level 5
ATK 1800/ DEF 1600
Effect: If you control a face-up "OOPArts" monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) in face-up Defense Position.

Nice effect, that let's it to be Special Summoned to field. However, it has quite low ATK and DEF so best way to use is to use it as Xyz or Synchro Material.

OOPArts Crystal Alien

Psyshic/ Xyz/ Effect
Rank 3
ATK 2100/ DEF 1000
Effect: 2 Level 3 monsters
Once per turn, when this face-up card is targeted for an attack: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this turn, it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects, and any Battle Damage you would take from battles involving this card is inflicted to your opponent instead.

This is were OOPArts start to show their strength. Amazing effect which prevents this monster from being destroyed by both battle and effects, plus gives your opponents all the battle damage. It's like a little version of Yubel. However, just like all Xyz monsters it's effect can be used only as much time as many Xyz Materials it has. But it still will give quite a trouble to your opponent.

Number 33: OOPArts Super Weapon - Machu Mach

Machine/ Xyz/ Effect
Rank 5
ATK 2400/ DEF 1500
Effect: 2 Level 5 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; inflict damage to your opponent equal to the difference between its current ATK and original ATK, then this card gains ATK equal to the amount of damage inflicted.

Name of this card is superb, but you couldn't say the same thing about the effect. Not many decks have cards that increase their monster ATK and field spells increase it only by small amount. However, it's ATK isn't that low, so monster itself isn't bad.

Number 6: OOPArts Atlanthal

Machine/ Xyz/ Effect
Rank 6
ATK 2600/ DEF 3000
Effect: 2 Level 6 monsters
When this card is Xyz Summoned: Target 1 "Number" monster in your Graveyard; equip that target to this card. This card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the monster equipped by this effect. Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and send 1 card equipped by this effect to the Graveyard; halve your opponent's Life Points. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect.

I would call it Ace Monster of OOPArts deck and not only that, it can Ace of any deck that uses Number monsters. It gains half attack of equiped Number monster and you can detach Xyz Material and send equipped monster to grave to halve your opponent's Life Points. Such powerful effect could be devastating for any opponent.

Now let's look at few OOPArts spell cards. OOPArts Pyramid Eye Tablet

Effect: Face-up "OOPArts" monsters you control gain 800 ATK.

This Spell gives power to somewhat weak OOPArts monsters. Could be deadly for opponent if you have bit stronger monster out of field.

OOPArts Technology

Effect: Target 1 "OOPArts" monster in your Graveyard; banish that target, and reveal the top 2 cards of your Deck. Add 1 of them to your hand and send the other to the Graveyard. You cannot Special Summon monsters the turn you activate this card, except "OOPArts" monsters. You can only activate 1 "OOPArts Technology" per turn.

It's like Pot of Duality for OOPArts monster, however, you are able to Special Summon your OOPArts monster, you just can't Special Summmon other monster. Useful spell if you ask me.

As far as I see, this archetype isn't bad if used right. Some monsters can prove to be very strong in battle. But it's still new, I'm sure more cards for this archetype will come out soon. I will make updates on this article, but for now let's all wait for these cards to show-up in DN. Smile

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