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 My naturia

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PostSubject: My naturia   Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:24 pm

3 bamboo shoot
3 cliff
3 cheries
3 cosmobeet
2 pumpkin
3 beens
2 rosewhips

1 bom
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
1 mind control
1 monster reborn
2 mst
1 pot of avarise
1 smashing ground
1 swords of the reaveling light

2 bottomless
1 call of the hunted
1 mirror forse
1 sefe zone
solemn jugjment
2 solemn warningstarlight road
2 wall of thorns

1 catastor
1 black rose
1 brionac
2 N beast
2 N barkion
1 landnoise
1 scrap dragon
1 splendid rose
2 stardust
1 trishula
1 thgought ruler
1 utopia

tell me about changes but i dont want a naturia plant so dont help me with naturia plants only also i want a test where i can find a tester to test me?

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Article Team
Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: My naturia   Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:27 pm

well, if you need a test, you can always pm me on DN

as for the deck changes, ill get to it soon

DN name : Kaiza

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My naturia

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