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PostSubject: yo   Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:14 am

whats up people. names logan come duel me on dueling network sometine username: d1v1ne2986

I have been playing yugioh since LOB but i didnt really start to understand it and play well untill strike of neos I ran many decks over my time old six sams are one of my favorite decks ivv ran but my favorite old style deck are batteryman because none of my friends could beat me when i played it that deck never lost except once to the old blackwings 3 gale and whilewind lol. out of the new stuff i like to run karakuri im playing with sams and mystic piper chaos control intrests me. my favorite cards all time are blackrose dragon and dark strike fighter because i owned with those cards and they grew on me lol ivv probablly had the most turnement success with agents or plants back when tour guide wasent around.

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Article Team
Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: yo   Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:42 am

well, you'll hate and love tour guide for the mess of a format she's made

while ill always hate tengu and rai-oh (but not as much as when it had 3 pot of avarice)

welcome to ADA

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