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 Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:03 pm

First topic message reminder :

well, with season one finished, its only fair that I start season 2 off

1st things 1st, a brief explanation of events going on

chapter 1: Prologue

A soul hacker is an entity of hate, said to have first been created by the souls of those used to create the 1st portal between the duel monsters realm and the human realm. Their souls were trapped in a void between the realms, which created the 1st opening, as well as the only known one. The whereabouts of this void is unknown, but its so far referred to as the shadow realm, and throughout history, soul hackers have been escaping repeatedly. With total hate for the human race, who trapped their souls there, they are capable of engulfing humans with hate, warping their judgment and possessing their souls to become like them, and using that possessed body to help corrupt others, among other abilities. They are a threat to humans, but their existence is kept a secret due to the unneeded attention it can draw. It is unknown however, the origins of soul duelists or how they are made, but what is known is that they are the opposite of soul hackers, as well as their greatest threat. With almost all the capabilities of a soul hacker, these are said to be incapable of being hacked by them, while being just as strong as they are, whereas soul hackers can fill souls with hate, soul duelists have the ability to expunge all the hate from a person, although how they do this is unknown, and being humans, this can always return given the right stimuli.
Nonetheless soul duelists are rare, so other means of defense were formed. Soul discs were created by the 5th recorded soul duelist, Enrion, and can give humans the ability to summon duel monsters outside of battle. The summoned monsters are only illusions of the real ones, and can only harm other duel monsters. The disc is also capable of creating a soul duel, an ability soul hackers have which is the means by which they infect other duelists, where by defeating them, the loser becomes a soul hacker. The difference with the soul disc, is that if the soul hacker is defeated, the entity is forced back to the shadow realm, returning control of the body back to the owner, that is, he becomes a normal human again. Duel Machines were another form of defense. Capable of the same actions humans can do, dueling wise. these are also considered incapable of being infected, as they have no soul within them. Easily repaired and not too expensive to generate, these can be used both for dealing with soul hackers, and for general purpose use dueling wise, and quite a few can be found in academies. They can also use soul discs as well. Some also come with special abilities that make them useful for tasks other than dueling, like the self learning and reliance program installed in Machina Gearframe 000, in which it can write its own functions based on what it sees taking place around him. This duel machine, however, was destroyed in 2235, at the 2nd New Domino Incident, and since then, Kaiza Cortus has taken the remains to build a new Duel Machine. This one has 3 special abilities. Its a humanoid Duel Machine, built such that it can be mistaken foe a female cousin of Kaiza. Like the machine it was built from, it also has the self learning and reliance program installed, salvaged from the hard disc of machina gearframe 000. As its last ability, almost an advancement of the soul disc summon ability, it is equipped with a card replication function. Where as the card summon function summons an illusion of the card, the card replication function makes the duel machine become the illusion of the card itself, for a short period, granting it control over the illusion. Whether this can harm only duel monsters, or can cause damage to other property, is unknown, and so far, Loruka is the only duel machine recorded to have this function.

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:22 am

This clearly miss represents me, I told you I can't use stardust assault mode deck but still I'm surprised I got that far

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:38 am

shut up and accept it xavier, and the chapter is finished now

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Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:20 am

I dont know if people read this anymore, but I guess its rude to leave work unfinished

here goes

CHapter 11: Dispel the Hate

Kaiza's room, 11:00 am

Instead of sleeping, Kaiza and Loruka are busy cleaning up their room, which appears in desperate need of it. As loruka is busy chaging the bedsheets while Kaiza is dumping out old documents, his phone rings and he checks it, its a call from alice

Kaiza:(on ohone) hello ?
Alice:(on other line)(sighs) finally, at least you responded. Want to go hang out at New Domino City mall like last time ? I got nothing to do today so was hoping you guts could come, but Xavier is busy, and I haven't called Kessiler yet
Kaiza:(on phone) oh, well, sure, after I clean my room
Alice:(on other line) really, boys do that ?
Kaiza:(on phone)...............loruka is helping
Alice:(on other line) ohhhhh, so that's why Very Happy
Kaiza:(on phone) ill show up later

And he quickly hangs up and sighs

Loruka: was that alice ?
Kaiza: yes
Loruka: will we be seeing her today ?
Kaiza: well, do you want to ?
Loruka: yes
Kaiza: crap.....
Kaiza: (sighs) ok, we'll pay her a visit, if that's what you want
Loruka: and what do you want ?
Kaiza: well........
Kaiza: ill be ok, no need to worry Very Happy


New Domino City Park, 1:00 pm

In the park Alice, Kaiza and Loruka are talking to each other on a bench, under the shade of the trees

Alice: (puts a phone in her pocket)(sighs) still no answer from Kessiler, wonder what's wrong
Kaiza: I dont know to be honest, but more than likely she should be ok, she's a tough girl to be honest
Alice: tougher than you ? Very Happy
Kaiza: .........yes
Alice: aww, its ok
Alice: but answer would be nice. She's the finalist and her last match is today, in about 1 hour
Kaiza: wait, she's the finalist ?
Alice: yea, you didnt know ?
Kaiza: (shrugs)
Alice: what's wrong ?
Kaiza: I'm the next finalist.........
Alice: (laughs)
Kaiza: not funny!
Loruka: what is the reason why kessiler as the finalist seems.......seems
Alice: awful ?
Kaiza: its not awful its.........just..............I'd prefer someone else ?
Alice: have feelings for her ? Very Happy
Kaiza: no !
Alice: that seems like a yes..... Very Happy
Kaiza: mmmm
Alice: also wont that be wrong ?
Alice: I mean, you are with Loruka so doesn't that come like che-
Kaiza: oh look at the time !
Alice: huh ?

He quickly ges up and raises loruka off her seat

Kaiza: me and loruka decided we'd head to the arena and wat early, and I'm sure kessiler would try to get early so we got to go now but thanks for your time anyway hahaha. Lets go

And he takes loruka and heads out of the park, but is stopped by Alice

Alice: then ill come with you Very Happy
Kaiza: huh ?
Alice: what ? I like your company Very Happy
Kaiza: ...............
Kaiza: sure
Alice: yay !

And alice gets off her chair and happily skips to kaiza and loruka, and they both leave the park

Alice: by the way
Kaiza: huh ?
Alice: if you like her, just tell her Very Happy
Kaiza: grrr !


New Domino Tournament Arena, 3:00 pm

At the stadium seats

Alice: I know Kaiza said not to worry, but its strange that kessiler isn't here, nor has she answered her phone
Alice: something has happened, but what ?
Anna: isn't she the finalist ?
Alice: yes
Anna: then lets just wait for her time to run out then, then look for her
Alice: Anna
Anna: huh ?
Alice: you're an idiot

Meanwhile, at the stadium arena, Kaiza is sitting on the arena benches, and looks worried

Kaiza: (thinking) this isn't good. No response from her in the morning, and no a no-show here........
Kaiza: (thinking) what happened to you
Spokesperson: (cleares throat) still wish to wait Kaiza ?
Kaiza: yes

meanwhile, in the cafeteria, close to the arena entrance, xavier is busy taking a drink, while no one else is there.

Xavier: (stops drinking and sighs)
Xavier: well, I guess he was going to win anyway

then, his attention changes to someone in the corner of the room. The shadows in the room obscure his view, but the person's body shape looks female. Suspicious and scared, he calls out to her

Xavier: uhhh, hello ?
Xavier: (shakes a bit)

Suddenly, she begins to move out of the shadows and towards xavier's direction. Xavier rcognises her, but is even more scared. Its kessiler, but her skin, and her clothes, are darker than normal. She herself looks not upset, but mentally unstable. As she reaches where he is, paying no attention to him, weakly, he calls out to her

Xavier: ok.....kes-

And then she violently grabs his head, shocking and scaring him

Xavier: Shocked
Kessiler(hacked): keep your mouth shut, if you know what's good for you !

and she tosses him to the floor off his chair, and continues slowly towards the stadium entrance. Leaving Xavier on the floor, as scared as if he saw a ghost

At the stadium arena, the spokesperson talks to kaiza again. While the crowd gets rowdy and upset at the long wait

Spokesperson: it has been more than a half hour, are you sure you wish to contiue to wait
Kaiza: (thinking) if something has happened to her, I best go and find out urgently rather than sit here and wait
Kaiza: (thinking) its a disgraceful ending, but I have no better choice
Kaiza: ok, ill ca-
Kessiler(hacked): hey you (censored) !!

The shout is so loud the entire crowd hears it, and goes silent, and both Kaiza and the spokesperson turn their attention to her. From the way she looks, Kaiza looks very worried

Kaiza: (thinking) this isn't right
Kaiza: kessiler, what's
Kessiler(hacked): nothing is wrong now stop asking and do what you're here for !
Kaiza: ................ok then, lets do this

they head to the center of the ring and begin the duel, meanwhile, at the stadium chairs

Alice: I know that kessiler can be rude and crude, but this is brazen, even for her
Alice: Loruka ?
Loruka: ................
Loruka: I am not sure kessiler is in her normal state
Alice: really ?
Loruka: no
Alice: .............

while, in the stadium

Spokesperson: LADIES AND GENT -

Kessiler stops him from speaking

Kessiler(hacked): shut the (censored) up and start it !
Spokesperson: okay.... Sad

and he slowly scampers off. The reaction upsets Kaiza

Kaiza: that wasn't necessary and you know it
Kessiler(hacked): you should be happy for what I did instead of what I wanted to, as for you

She activates her disc and locks onto kaiza's own

Kessiler(hacked): you ahve much bigger concerns !
Kaiza: I am well aware

And he locks onto her disc, and the duel starts

Kessiler(hacked): ill go first
Kessiler(hacked): ill summon to the field doomcalibur knight and set 2 cards face down, and end my turn
Kaiza: my turn, ill set 2 cards face down and its your turn
Kessiler(hacked): you really think those 2 cards will save you ?!
Kaiza: fire your worse
Kessiler: my turn. Ill summon to the field thunder king rai-oh, and now doomcalibur knight will attack
Kaiza: activate trap card, mirror force
Kessiler(hacked): pathethic !! (chains starlight road)
Kaiza: (thinking) damn it !
Kessiler: ill negate mirror force and special summon stardust dragon from my deck, and doomcalibur knight will continue to attack your face down monster !
Kaiza: flip, ryko, lightsworn hunter and ill use his
Kessiler: dont bother ! ill tribute doomcalibur knight to negate it, and now, thunder king rai-oh will attack (Kaiza's lp: 6100)

The shock from his attack courses through Kaiza's body like a real electric shock, and kaiza's body aches in pain after

Kaiza: urgh !
Kessiler(hacked): now stardust dragon will attack ! (Kaiza's lp: 3600)

and the blast from stardust dragon also impacts his body, and makes him dizzy and drops him to his knees. In his dizziness, he finally begins to understand what happened to kessiler

Kessiler(hacked): on your knees already ?!
Kaiza: ....................special summon, gorz the emissary of darkness
Kessiler(hacked): come on now ! (activates solemn warning, kessiler's lp: 6000)

The activation of the card destroys gorz before its hologram fully develops, but leaves kessiler breathing a bit harder

Kaiza: you aren't her...........are you ?
Kessiler(hacked): and if so, what can you do about it ?

meanwhile, high above, a d.d. scout plane hovering over the stadium records the duel and transmits it to an unknown place


ADA head admin office, 3:12 pm

Sequan comes into his room and slams his head on Snake's desk, immediately getting his attention

Sequan: Snake !
Snake: what ?!
Sequan: hacker activity reported within new domino by our sattelite stationed!
Snake: then what are we waiting on ?!, Get Coder and lets get there now !

but before he could get up, Sequan stops him

Sequan: just 1 problem
Snake: and that is ?
Sequan: its in the tournament arena in New Domino, most of our ADA members are there
Snake: ..............
Sequan: barging in and stopping it will cause a big display that will make everyone suspicious, and leaving her unchecked.........we know how that will end
Snake: call coder, and ask him if the sattelite is ready


New Domino Tournament Arena, 3:13 pm

Kessiler(hacked): so what are you going to do (sets 2 more cards face down and ends turn)?!
Kaiza: I'm going to dispatch you!
Kaiza: ill special summon to the field cyber dragon
Kessiler(hacked): ill activate thunder king rai-oh and tribute it to negate cyber dragon's summon !
Kaiza: ill summon to the field d.d. warrior lady in attack mode and set 1 card face down and end
Kessiler(hacked): heh
Kessiler(hacked): ill summon to the field doomcalibur knight again, and have it attack d.d. warrior lady
Kaiza: activate emergency teleport, and ill spcial summon krebons to the field, and use his effect, paying 800 lifepoints to negate his attack (Kaiza's lp: 2800)
Kaiza: of course, doomcalibur knight will tribute itself to negate
Kaiza: now what ?
Kessiler(hacked) grrr..... stardust dragon, attack d.d. warrior lady
Kaiza: damage step, ill discard honest, boosting d.d. warrior lady's attack to 4000, enough to destroy stardust dragon (kessiler's lp: 4500)
Kessiler(hacked): grr !

the counterplay is recieved by a huge roar from the crowd

Alice: nice Very Happy
Loruka: ..........
Alice: you ok ?

however, instead of cheering, loruka is clenching her hands, holding her legs tightly and shaking

meanwhile, at the stadium

Kessiler(hacked): ill set 1 card face down and end
Kaiza: my turn
Kaiza: ill activate heavy storm
Kessiler(hacked): chain, solemn judgment, paying half my lifepoints to negate it ! (Kessiler's lp: 2250)

After using the card, she becomes exhausted, and her legs begin to buckle a bit

Kaiza: its hard to handle isn't it ?
Kaiza: ill summon to the field sangan
Kessiler(hacked): ill activate torrential tribute, destroying all your monsters
Kaiza: activate sangan effect, and add junk synchron from my deck to my hand
Kaiza: your turn
Kessiler(hacked): heh, ill banish thunder king rai-oh and doomcalibur knight from my grave to summon chaos sorcerer, and have it attack (Kaiza's lp: 500)
Kaiza: (coughs)

the attack hits him squarely on the chest, and he falls to his hands and knees, very dizzy, and the crowd goes deathly silent

Kessiler(hacked): hard to handle isn't it ?
Kaiza: ..............
Kessiler(hacked): I set 1 card and end my turn
Kaiza: ...........
Kessiler(hacked): cant get up ? hurts too much ? tell me how it feels ?

And then, kaiza quickly springs up to his leg, trying his best to hold his balance

Kaiza: ill banish honest and krebons from my grave to summon chaos sorcerer !
Kessiler(hacked): activate solemn warning, negating your summon (kessiler's lp: 250)
Kaiza: and now ill summon to the field junk synchron and use its effect to special summon ryko, lightsworn hunter from my grave
Kessiler(hacked): chain, d.d. crow to banish ryko, lightsworn hunter from your grave !
Kaiza: Shocked

and then, kaiza drops to his knees, staring blankly at kessiler. At the stadium, everyone is silent, and alice is speechless

Anna: this is bad....
Kessiler(hacked): its funny, your friend here duels to erase all hope from her opponents
Kessiler(hacked): how does it feel, to have all hope erased from you ?

and suddenly, Loruka leaps up from her chair and jumps over the other chairs, heading straight towards the arena

Alice: loruka wait !
Loruka: (CPU process) executing command 2: destroy soul hacker

Meanwhile, at the ADA building, in a room above the new sattelite installed, coder, sequan and snake are at a control console with a red switch on it

Coder: are you sure you want to use it although its not been tested ?
Snake: this is the test
Coder: ok, fire away we go

and coder flips the switch. The sattelite, then points upwards into the air and fires a huge electrical beam into the sky, visible from the arena in new domino. Even Loruka pauses to see it

Kessiler(hacked): and
Kessiler(hacked): huh ?

Kessiler stares into the sky to see the beam pouring into it. The beam stops, and then, another beam descends from the sky, landing on kessiler herself. The beam is so bright that everyone is forced to block their eyes, except kaiza who stares right at it, too weak to do much. The energy from the beam electrocutes and courses through her entire body, and slowly, her body's color brightens, returning to its normal color when the beam ends. When it ends, kessiler drops to her knees, and then to the floor, eyes wide open, lifeless. Kaiza passes out on the floor shortly after, and the crowd goes silent.

Alice: .............
Loruka: ....................
Anna: wha-what just happened.

Then, suddenly, Kessiler blinks, then blinks again and springs up onto her legs, dazed and confused

Kessiler: wha-what's going on ?
Anna and Alice: :shock
Spokesperson: SOMEONE GET A DOCTOR IN HERE !!!!!!


Infirmary in New Domino tournament arena, 4:00 pm

in the infirmary, Kaiza is resting on a bed tired, with Kessiler sitting next to him, when Loruka and alice walk in

Alice: how are they ?
Doctor: well, kaiza is just exhausted it seems, almost as if he ran 3 miles or so, but he's recovering fast, very fast too
Alice: (sighs) thank god
Loruka: what is the medical status of kessiler

the statement grabs the attention of kessiler, who looks up and catches alice's gaze. Alice is shocked a bit at first, but quickly looks back at her, upset, and kessiler lowers her head, almost ashamed

Doctor: well, seeing she's alive and well after a thundershock, better than one can hope for, natrually. What confuses me is how -
Alice: at the moment, I do not care about her medical state

And alice leaves the room. Loruka stares back at kaiza on the bed, pauses for a bit, but then decides to go after alice

DOctor: if you two will excuse me I have something I need to attend to

and the doctor leaves the room. Soon after Kaiza gets off the infirmary bed and checks his body, inhales, exhales, and
talks to Kessiler

Kaiza: (thinking) its funny how fast I recover, and how close I came to a ticket to the shadow realm, whoever or whatever did that, I'm just lucky we're both still here
Kaiza: are you ok ?
Kessiler: why do you care ?
Kaiza: .......its already clear that it was a soul hacker and the soul hacker is gone, however it happened, I am just concerned that-
Kessiler: I said why the (censored) do you care ?!

and she gets off her chair, very upset with tears streaming from her eyes

Kessiler: whether it was a soul hacker or not I still almost (censored) killed you, and here you are concerned about how I feel ?! what the (censored) is wrong with you ?!!!!
Kessiler: you should be running scared, like you'd do if it was any other monster you'd see in your (censored) life !
Kessiler: why are you still (censored) near me ?!?!
Kaiza: .....................
Kaiza: ask yourself
Kessiler: huh ?
Kaiza: if it wasn't a soul hacker, would you yourself have tried to do that ?
Kessiler: maybe, why the (censored) is that important ?
Kaiza: well, how about this
Kaiza: until I know for sure that you'd do that yourself

he then advances towards kessiler, and even in her upset state kessiler backs away, but the wall is too close and she cant back away any further. She begins to panic a bit and almost feels like scream, but then, kaiza takes his arms and wraps them around her waist, and pulls her towards him, shocking her senseless by what he just did; hug her

Kaiza: until that's the case, I wont go, how about that
Kessiler: ...............

and kessiler cant help but bury her head into kaiza's shoulder and cry, and Kaiza pats her back

Kessiler(crying): I'm sorry................I'm so sorry, I know I'm a (censored) but I'm sorry
Kaiza: its fine (hugs kessiler tighter)

Meanwhile, a short distance from the room, the doctor listens onto them with a recorder, and then makes a call on his phone

Doctor: hacker disruption beam is a success


ADA complex: 8:00 pm

in the same room coder and snake were in before, coder, snake, and other duelists are there talking to each other

Coder: well, it seems the hacker disruption beam is a success, as I thought
Coder: without a functioning brain a soul hacker cant possess a body, as such this fires a beam which reboots a person's brain, much like restarting a computer can help temporarilary solve a PC crash
Tama: and are you sure this has no side effects ?
Coder: well, the message sent by our duelist at the site surely says so, but this will be more proof if you need it

COder hands Tama a recorder, which he places in his pocket

Coder: so, when do we start mass production ?
Tama: if what you say is true, soon

End of chapter 11

off topic: unless people begin to start posting again, the site will collapse and die. But to get people to post, topics relevant to their existance must be made. I am simply posting what I know best; decks, articles on what's going on in the yu-gi-oh universe, and fan fics based off my wild imagination. You dont have to read the fanfic, but at least read and understand this message, and, like me, simply post what you can, in the most appropriate way you know, it helps

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:00 pm

good chapter kaiza keep it up

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Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Duelist: Mechanical Angel   Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:14 pm

Chapter 12: Loruka Compromised

Water Fountain outside at ADA main entrance square, 9:00 am

3 days after the incident at two people, a guy dressed similar to how coder was dressed, and ayoung girl with brown hair, pass at the school fountain, catching the attention of the students there. But rather that appear shocked, they're murmuring and giggling

Duelist 6: isn't that the same dude from a few days ago ?
Duelist 3: really trying the same prank again ? he isn't good at fooling people is he ?
Duelist 4: it'd be funny if that teacher came running out again (starts to laugh)
Duelist 6: now that you think about it his costume looks pretty funny too Very Happy
Duelist 2: yea, who dresses up like the grim reaper in a nuclear waste land

Then one of the duelists shout out to him

Duelist 1: hey
Soul Hacker: hm ?
Duelist 1: come to reap our souls ?! there's no nuclear waste here !
Duelist 5 and 3: (laughs)
Soul Hacker: there isn't a nuclear waste here, but I can still reap your souls
Duelist 1: huh ?

The soul hacker points at the 1st duelist and a black flaming ball fires at him, impacting and engulfing him. The duelist doesn't make a sound when it hits, and simply drops to his knees, engulfed in purple flames. The flames dont burn his body to a crisp, but instead, dissipate, and the duelist remains on his knees, skin darker than normal, almost purple, his eyes glowing purple, and his clothes now darker. The sight shocks and scares the duelists

Unknown Girl: we dont have time to be taking them one by one marik
Marik: fine, you do the rest
Unknown Girl: sure Smile

the girl leans on a nearby pole, and the pole quickly turns pitch black from top to bottom. Then, what appears to be black lines quickly stretch out towards the other duelists, too fast for them to react to it.

ADA Head Admin's office, 9:05 am

a knock on his door stops Snake from reading

Snake: yes ?
Female voice: Snake, you need to hurry, there's a soul hacker down at the fountain ?!
Snake: what ?!
Snake: why isn't anyone else there ?!
Female Voice: well, you see

The person then opens the door and Snake immediately gets off his chair, alarmed by the people he sees

Unknown Girl: we already obtained control of everyone else, you're the only person left Very Happy
Snake: you.....
Unknown Girl: hi Very Happy


New Domino City Park, 11:00 am

In the same park, Jessica is there under a tree, resting on a chair, apparently frustrated and blocking her eyes from the sun. Then, Alice stops off by her chair, not expecting to see her there, but not happy to see her anyway. Relunctantly, she shifts her legs away and sits on the same chair as Kessiler

Alice: ....hi
Kessiler: (moves her hand off her eyes) hey
Alice: odd place to see you in, what brings you here ?
Kessiler: needed some time alone, wasn't in the best of moods so I decided I'd come here by myself
Alice: need some time off and not in the best of moods huh ....
Kessiler: yes, seeing I got shocked by lightning and lived...
Alice: karma sucks doesn't it ?
Kessiler: hm ?
Alice: its unfortunate that you got struct by lightning, maybe tragic
Alice: (thinking) also weird considering not a storm cloud was in the sky...
Alice: but maybe bad things really happen to thode who do awful things to others
Kessiler: ........
Alice: Kaiza is your friend and one of the very few you have, emphasis on few
Alice: yetyou treat him as if he's trash, like how you treat everyone else
Alice: nowhere was that more visible than in the final round for the tournament. Yes, you won, yes, the tournament was cancelled and there wont be any further tournaments until they figure out what happened and why, but that attitude was uncalled for
Kessiler: .................

Alice then gets off the chair, and before walking off, turns around to talk to Kessiler one last time

Alice: maybe the reason you dont have many friends is you, not them. Same for your opinion of everyone else
Alice: pull the splinter out of my eye first, before I can pull yours out, you should remember that

And then she walks off, but then, kessiler stops resting on the chair and sits on it, looking a bit depressed. She calls out to Alice, stopping her

Kessiler: alice .......
Alice: what ?
Kessiler: I'm sorry.......
Alice: Shocked
Kessiler: I know I treat people harshly, but the events at the tournament 3 days ago........that wasn't how I normmally act. That wasn't me, and I'm sorry you had to see it, sorry Kaiza had to experience it, and sorry I even did it
Alice: ..............
Kessiler: .........
Alice: (sighs) look, I'm heading off to the mall for today, plan to take Marie with me too as not much people talk to her, was going to call over Kaiza and Loruka when we reach. Would you like to come ?
Kessiler: ........yes
Alice: then get up and lets go

Kessiler gets up and walks along with Alice, still a bit depressed

Alice: if you're really sorry, you'll apologise to him too
Kessiler: sure....


Kaiza's apartment room, 11:00 am

in the midsts of cleaning up his room, Kaiza gets a call on his phone, and answers it

Kaiza: (on phone) hello ?
Snake: (on other line) is this Kaiza here ?
Kaiza: (on phone) yes
Snake: (on other line) good, I got a task for you
Snake: (on other line) there's been reports of multiple shadow activity within one of the Yamanashi residental areas. All other operatives are busy, only you and Loruka are available, we'd like you to go check it out
Kaiza: (on phone) ok, but I'll need the address
Snake: (on other line) its in one of the villages in the Kitatsuru district, Kosuge I believe, go check it out
Kaiza: (on phone) wait is that-

before he could finish, the phone line cuts. Kaiza sighs, then talks to Loruka, while she lifts and moves a cupboard to another location in the room

Kaiza: Loruka
Loruka: yes master ?
Kaiza: we'll clean up later, Snake called and asked us to deal with some activity in the Kosuge village in Kitatsuru
Loruka: ok master

She drops the cupboard and it breaks

Kaiza: .......we'll fix that when we get back

and then they grab their bags and head out, leaving their room a bit of a mess. Meanwhile, on Snake's end at his office, he hangs up the phone and gets off his chair. His eyes are glowing purple and his skin, darker than normal.

Kira: and he is the only active duelist from FK that isn't present here ?
Snake(hacked): yes
Kira: good
Kira: now, be a kind gentleman and show us where on ADA is this device you developed, the one that dispels a soul hacker's control over a human host
Snake(hacked): yes

and him, Kira and Marik exit his office


Kosuge Village Entrance, 12:00 pm

At the entrance of the village, Kaiza is talking on his phone while Loruka waits at the entrance with him

Kaiza: (on phone)I'm just taking care of some stuff at Kosuge village, Snake asked me to settle off some issue with a duelist here so I'm just doing that and ill come meet you, might be a bit late
Kaiza: (on phone) bye

and he hangs up. At the village, there is no one there to greet them, and it looks erriely quiet

Kaiza: well, no one present at the entrance, no activity here whatsoever, almost as if it was just abandoned too. Guess Snake was right
Kaiza: what do we have on the scanner?
Loruka: (looking down on a screen) there are multiple black readings on the scanner, zero human readings
Loruka: by this data, the information deduced is that the entire Kosuge village is under soul hacker control.
Kaiza: I see

He then goes into his bag and takes out two duel discs, puts one on and gives the other to Loruka, who puts it on

Kaiza: lets go, looks like we'll be very busy
Loruka: yes master

and they enter the village. Meanwhile, on Alice's end, she sighs and hangs out the phone, and talks to Marie and Kessiler

Alice: well, Kaiza's at the Kosuge village for who knows what, dont know how long it'll take for him to get back either
Kessiler: guess we have to wait
Marie: guess we can go home
Alice: why such a rush to go home ?
Marie: I came because you said the four of us were going to hang out. Since Kaiza clearly has more important things to do, I see no real reason for us to be here, not to mention we dont know when he'll be finished
Marie: maybe he doesn't want to come
Alice: .............maybe

Alice pauses for a bit as everyone else goes silent, then Marie gets off her chair and gets ready to leave

Marie: well, I'm going see ya la-
Alice: WAIT !
Marie: huh ?
Kessiler: what now ?
Alice: if the case is that Kaiza is not here, but we know he's in Kosuge village.....why not go to him instead !
Marie: uhhhhhh.....that's a long walk from here you know. It'll take hours for us to reach so that seems -
Kessiler: I have a car
Marie: you do ?
Kessiler: yes, its how I get here so easily. Its at the nearby carpark, we'll take it and drive up to Kosuge village, should only take an hour by car
Alice: then what are we waiting on ?! lets go !

And they get up and head to teh carpark, while Marie gives out one last remark

Marie: sure, but if he isn't happy to see us, dont be surprised


Kosuge village, 12:05 pm

In the main heart of the village, Kaiza and loruka stroll through, constantly wary of their surroundings. The village itself however, seems empty. All the homes, buildings, and even the small huts appear empty, with everything left as it was as if the villagers simply disappeard, but they know better

Kaiza: hmmm
Kaiza: Loruka, what does the scanner show ?
Loruka: there are multiple black targets surrounding us, we cant see them in the open but the scanner shows that this entier section of the village is under shadow control
Kaiza: entire village huh.....that sure isn't easy to do, nor is it easy to fix

then, as they are talking, from some of the houses in the village, the doors slowly open, alerting the team outside. From the doors, what appears to be people dressed in full body, purple skinsuits, covering all except their eyes, nose and mouth, start coming out from the houses. Their eyes are glowing purple, and on their hands are black duel discs, all reading 2000 lifepoints each

Loruka: these soul hackers are less than 2 hours old, they were recently dispatched here
Kaiza: 2 hours huh, I didn't think FK's detection time was this fast
Kaiza: (thinking) in fact it isn't, by the time we detect soul hackers, they've been in the area for at least a day. Less than 2 hours and we detected them seems abnormal, especially that they only sent me and loruka to take care of a problem this big
Kaiza: well, they sent us here to remove the infection

he then holds his disc and activates it, then activates its soul trigger, kicking up a gust

Kaiza: lets get to it
Loruka: yes master

then Loruka activates her disc, and they start locking onto soul hackers


Kosuge Village, 1:10 pm

1 hour after Kaiza and Loruka enter the heart of the village, Alice, Kessiler and Marie arrive in the village and are surprised and confused by what they see; people strewn across the village pathways on the floor, most onconscious, some waking up, but apparently in pain. On a select few of the villagers, duel discs can be seen on ther hand. Some of the wooden houses and huts also seem to have damages on them, as if someone passed through and attacked all of the villages

Kessiler: (thinking) seems like the mark up of a shadow control being undone, guess we know why they were -
Alice: (pulls Kessiler's shirt) are you scared and confused like I am ?
Kessiler: just a bit...
Marie: makes me wonder what Kaiza would be doing here
Marie: really wonder....

Kessiler then goes off to one of the people with a duel disc on his hand, wakes him up a bit and talks to him

Kessiler: hey (slaps the guy lightly on his face)
Person: uhhhh...........wha.....where am I ?
Kessiler: you're in the Kosuge village, help is here, tell us what happened
Person: a person.........a person in black.......came..........started shooting fireballs at everyone..........they didn't burn they just..........became..................uhhh (loses consciousness)
Kessiler: (thinking) soul hacker, of course. Must be one of those that can corrupt without dueling. But those go after strong teams, and even if they did go after innocent bystanders, there's nothing to be gained from here. Its a village they barely even have duelists.
Kessiler: (thinking) why would they go through the effort of hacking an entire village with nothing useful to them ?
Alice: kess........what's going on

Kessiler then puts the person to rest on the floor and points down the pathway leading deeper into the village

Kessiler: we best find Kaiza


Kosuge Village, 1:10 pm

Kaiza and Loruka keep walking down the pathway between the village houses, watching the path of destruction and unconscius people they left in their passing through as they continue towards the end of the path. On their scanner, what appears to be a black circle, slightly bigger than the others, appears at the top of the screen, and as they continue walking, it slowly shifts towards the middle

Loruka: we're approaching the commander of these forces up ahead
Kaiza: really, we are ?
Kaiza: if the size of the black dot determines how strong they are....this one seems no better than everyone else here
Kaiza: (thinking) was this some bored soul hacker or something ? and this still doesn't answer how they detected this so fast....

they reach the end of the path and find themselves at a 4 way crossroad in the village. No one else is there except for a man dressed in black, sitting on a chair in the middle. After checking the scanner again, they realize he is the one responsible for the infestation

Kaiza: I'm guessing you're the one who did this
Soul Hacker: right you are

he gets off the chair he was on and activates his disc, and Kaiza and loruka activate theirs as well

Kaiza: before we send you to that black void where you came from, one question
Soul Hacker: hm ?
Kaiza: not only does it seem that you put pathetic effort into hacking everyone here, you dont seem to care if the people you hacked are returned or not. Its funny how I expected that since most people here arent even duelist, but in that case
Kaiza: why are you here ?
Soul Hacker: hehehe, all will be revealed when everything is in place, dont you worry. Now

the soul hacker locks onto Kaiza's disc, and then Loruka locks onto his

Soul Hacker: ah, you must be the one they talked abot.....the human who can fight against duel monsters head on, and can make yourself into one
Loruka: believe what you wish, but you will return to where you came from
Soul Hacker: oh, I will return, I dont doubt it. But when this is over, what will become of you two ?
Loruka: ..............
Kaiza: I dont know what you're talking about

Kaiza then locks onto his disc as well

Kaiza: but I dont have time to waste here talking, so lets just get this over with
Soul Hacker: with pleasure

he then locks onto loruka's disc as well, and the duel starts

Soul Hacker: ill go first, ill set 3 cards face down and activate pot uf duality, revealing 3 cards (steelswarm cell, recurring nightmare, infestation wave) ill add steelswarm cell to my hand and end
Loruka: my turn. Ill set 1 card face down and summon nova summoner, and it'll attack (Soul Hacker's lp: 6600)
Soul Hacker: aggressive already ?
Loruka: yes, turn end
Soul Hacker: my turn then. ill special summon to the field steelswarm cell, and now, ill tribute it to summon to the field, steelswarm girastag
Soul Hacker: now, steelswarm girastag effect will activate, and ill send to the grave nova summoner
Loruka: chain, bottomless trap hole, banishing your monster
Soul Hacker: chain, infestation pandemic infection, making my steelswarm monsters invunerable to spells and traps this turn
Soul Hacker: Nova summoner is still destroyed, and I gain 1000 lifepoints (Soul Hacker's lp: 7600)
Soul Hacker: now, steelswarm girastag will attack you (Loruka's lp: 5400)
Kaiza: !

The attack hits her like a blast head on, and when the smoke clears, a small gash can be seen on Loruka's forehead, with sparks flying out

Kaiza: loruka you-
Loruka: its moderate damage....ill hold
Soul Hacker: you're resilliant
Loruka: yes
Soul Hacker: heh, I end my turn
Kaiza: my turn, ill activate charge of the light brigade, and send the top 3 cards of my deck (plaguespreader zombie, dark hole, tuning) to add ryko, lightsworn hunter from my deck to my hand. Ill set 3 cards face down and ill end
Soul Hacker: my turn. ill activate mystical space typhoon, destroying your face down card (solemn warning)
Soul Hacker: now, ill tribute steelswarm girastag, to summon steelswarm moth, and ill use his effect to return your two cards to your hand at the cost of 1000 lifepoints (Soul Hacker's lp: 6600)
Soul Hacker: now, steelswarm moth will attack Kaiza (Kaiza's lp: 5600)
Kaiza: grrr
Soul Hacker: c'mon, dont prove me wrong when I said I knew I was going back (ends turn)
Loruka: we will send you back!
Loruka: my turn
Loruka: ill activate monster reborn, and special summon to the field nova summoner in attack mode
Loruka: now, ill activate creature swam, giving you nova summoner for your steelswarm moth
Loruka: now, steelswarm moth will attack Nova summoner (Soul Hacker's lp: 5600)
Loruka: now, ill use nova summoner's effect, and special summon to the field herald of orange light, and have it attack (Soul Hacker's lp: 5300)
Loruka: now, ill synchro summon using steelswarm moth and herald of orange light, stardust, and ill set 1 card and end
Soul Hacker: impressive
Soul Hacker: my turn
Soul Hacker: ill activate recurring nightmare, and add steelswarm cell and steelswarm girastag from my grave to my hand
Loruka: ..........
Soul Hacker: now, ill special summon to the field steelswarm cell, and tribute it to summon steelswarm girastag to the field. Now, ill use his effect, removing stardust dragon and recovering 1000 lifepoints (Soul Hacker's lp: 6300)
Soul Hacker: now, steelswarm girastag will attack
Loruka: activate, call of the haunted, and ill special summon to the field nova summoner
Soul Hacker: well, steelswarm girastag will attack nova summoner then (Loruka's lp: 4200)

the attack from steelswarm girastag shatters nova summoner's hologram, and, one of the pieces of nova summoner's wing flies past loruka's head, scratching it, and leaving another scar on her forehead

Loruka: ... nova summoner's effect, ill special summon to field another nova summoner in defense position
Kaiza: (thinking) I'm beginning to think that scanner was inaccurate
Kaiza: do you end your turn
Soul Hacker: yes, yes, your turn
Kaiza: right
Kaiza: ill summon to the field jain, lightsworn paladin, and have it attack steelswarm girastag
Soul Hacker: oh ?
Kaiza: now, damage step, jain gains another 300 attack points
Kaiza: and damage step, ill discard honest, boosting jain's attack by 2600
Kaiza: enough to destroy your monster (Soul Hacker's lp: 4200)
Soul Hacker: nice, an answer for any problem....
Kaiza: ........
Kaiza: ill set 1 card and end my turn, and jain's effect activates, sending the top 2 cards of my deck to the grave (junk synchron, chaos sorcerer)
Soul Hacker: my turn then
Soul Hacker: ill activate recurring nightmare, and add steelswarm cell and steelswarm girastag from my grave to my hand
Soul Hacker: now, ill activate mystical space typhoon, and destroy your face down card (solemn warning)
Soul Hacker: now, ill special summon to the field steelswarm cell, and tribute it to summon to the field steelswarm girastag.
Soul Hacker: now, steelswarm girastag effect activates, and ill send to the grave jain, lightsworn paladin
Kaiza: chain, effect veiler, discarding it from my hand to negate its effect
Soul Hacker: smart move..............steelswarm girastag will attack jain, lightsworn paladin (Kaiza's lp: 4800)
Kaiza: this is annoying now.....
Soul Hacker: and I end my turn

after he ends his turn, kaiza turns and talks to loruka for a moment

Kaiza: Loruka, do those scanners sometimes give inaccurate info ?
Loruka: the scannersw determine the soul force of the hacker, not the strength of his decks
Loruka: turn
Loruka: ill summon to the field dark resonator, and synchro summon, using dark resonator and nova summoner, chaos king archfiend
Loruka: now, ill banish from my grave nova summoner, honest, herald of orange light and dark resonator, to summon to the field, sky scourge enrise
Loruka: now, chaos archfiend attacks your monster
Soul Hacker: but they both have the same attack
Loruka: but not the same defense, and now, chaos archfiend king effect activates, switching your monster's attack with its defense, making its attack, 0 (Soul Hacker's lp: 1600)

The attack kicks up a small dust cloud, and the soul hacker blocks his face from it. But when the dust clears and he looks again, sky scourge enrise is close to him, with his hand pointing outwards, pointing at the soul hacker's heart. Then, a small, multi coloured orb forms in enrise's hand, and he knows what's going to happen next

Soul Hacker: heh, what did I tell you ?
Loruka: and now, sky scourge enrise will-
Kaiza: wait !
Loruka: what ?
Kaiza: dont attack him, not yet
Soul Hacker: hmmm?

Kaiza then takes his disc off and walks up to the soul hacker, stopping a short distance in front of him with a serious expression on his face

Kaiza: tell me, why are you here ?
Soul Hacker: why am I here ? ask yourself, why are you two here ?
Kaiza: we were sent here to deal with a shadow infestation, and we found this ! Are you so desperate now that you need people who cant even duel to bolster your ranks ?
Soul Hacker: and what if these people were all capable duelists ?
Kaiza: what ?
Soul Hacker: you all were sent to deal with an entire village under our control, even for some of the best of duelists, that would come as a death sentence, and you know it. They have duel machines like here for cases like this
Kaiza: how did you
Soul Hacker: I know of what happened back at the unknown storage lab, only a duel machine can capably fight duel holograms, that or another duel hologram itself. And seeing that she can duel as well, that leaves only one conclusion
Loruka: mmmmmmmmmm
Soul Hacker: doesn't change the fact that you were sent to do a task that anyone else would not do, even with someone else, because they know what can happen
Soul Hacker: hasn't it occurred to you that you were sent here to die ?
Kaiza: grrr !

Kaiza then holds the soul hacker by his collar, pulls his head towards his own and headbutts him to the floor

Kaiza: Neither ADA nor FK would send me here to -
Unknown Voice: so that is what you came here to do ?!

the voice startles both Loruka and Kaiza, who turn around to see Alice and Kessiler watching them, both astonished. Marie is there too, astonished and pissed

Kaiza: wha-what are you all doing here ?!
Marie: we came here looking for you, and I can tell why you aren't happy to see us
Alice: Marie, calm down, I am sure there is an explanation for-
Marie: explanation ?! there's a path full of villagers unconscious on the floor while Kaiza is here bullying a fellow duelist, basically unconcerned about everyone else here !
Kaiza: (thinking) this stupid twit !
Marie: and look, apparently its not just enough to win, but you have to push around the duelist you beat too !
Kessiler: (facepalms herself) what a cluster (censored)
Soul Hacker: (holding his head)(whispers) your friend is an idiot
Kaiza: grr , look !
Kaiza: you dont understand what is going on here the least bit !
Marie: then tell us !
Marie: I for a while believed you were a good duelist and now I see you doing this !
Alice: (thinking) this is weird though, unconscious villagers, kaiza and loruka teaming up on a dude, kessiler surviving a lightnight strike, kessiler saying sorry, something is going on
Kaiza: (thinking) but I best ask for my answers when she's done raging
Marie: tell us, why are you here bullying this helpless duelist while an entire village could use a hand!
Soul Hacker: helpless ? You ma'am, are foolish to believe that !
Maire: what ?

The soul hacker gets off the floor, and dusts himself off, and immediately, loruka and sky scourge enrise's attention turns to him

Loruka: we are not done with you !
Soul Hacker: does it matter if you finish me off or not ? in a few seconds, you will all understand the magnitude of the situation you are in
Soul Hacker: if you survive

and them the soul hacker disappears in a black gust that has everyone blocking their eyes, only to reopen them when he's gone. Marie's and alice's mouth are open in awe, and kaiza facepalms himself in sheer frustration

Marie: wha, what the hell ?

but soon after, their attention turns to what appears to be a black streak of energy shooting into the sky. It quickly disappears, but then, the sky roars as another back streak descends from the sky, coming straight down on Kaiza and Loruka. Loruka quickly reacts, pushing him as far away from her as she can. But she cannot escape as the energy streak hits her. Every circuit in her body is shorted as her body hangs downwards, still standing, but lifeless, her upper body pivoting on her lower body

Alice: oh my, oh my god !
Kaiza: crap, Loruka !

as the rest of the group remain on the floor from when loruka threw kaiza towards them, Kaiza gets up and rushes to Loruka's aid, tampering wth her body, which seems to be releasing smoke, in some attempt to turn her back on

Kaiza: oh no not this !
Alice: kaiza, what just -
Kaiza: ill explain to you after but I need to turn her back - huh ?
Loruka: (body twitches)

ot of nowhere, her body begins to twitch as the smoke quickly disappates from her body, and all the cracks on her body begin to seal up. her lifepoints even return to 8000 as her eyes start blinking.

Kaiza: loruka, you o-oof !

before kaiza could finish, loruka punches him in his gut, right below his ribcage. As kaiza falls to the floor, loruka's eyes, start blinking red instead of blue. Kaiza falls, lifeless, and loruka stands straight and watches the rest of the group, more astonished than ever after what she just did

Loruka(hacked): heh, not what I expected, but even better!

end of chapter 12

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