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 Card Discussion Of The Week #1 EvolKaiser Ragia

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PostSubject: Card Discussion Of The Week #1 EvolKaiser Ragia   Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:55 pm

2 Level 4 Dinosaur-Type monsters
When a Spell/Trap Card is activated, OR a Normal or Special Summon of a monster is attempted: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; negate the activation of the Spell/Trap Card OR the Normal or Special Summon of the monster and destroy it.

Just like what frost said , its a walking solemn judgment and its attack is decent but now let's talk about how to summon it .

I-Ways to summon

1-Rescue Rabbit :

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. During your Main Phase: You can banish this face-up card; Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters with the same name from your Deck. Those monsters are destroyed during the End Phase. The effect of "Rescue Rabbit" can only be used once per turn.

Using Rescue rabbit with SaberSaurus , its the fastest and easiest way to summon but u can't always depend on it

2-Jurrac Guaiba:

If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, you can Special Summon 1 "Jurrac" monster with 1700 or less ATK from your Deck. It cannot declare an attack this turn.

Since you are running a dinosaur deck ull need jurassic world so this card can own any level 4 or lower monster and get u a jurrac dino so basically its like the firedog of ragia,it can be used with forbidden lance too against the stronger monsters and such..

3-Jurrac Velo:

When this face-up Attack Position card attacks or is attacked, and it is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Jurrac" monster with 1700 or less ATK from your Deck.

Not the fastest way but its not so bad either , it gets destroyed get another velo and just normal summon another dino

So that's all i could think of , if there are any other ways post a comment below

II-Supporting Cards:

1-Jurassic World

All face-up Dinosaur-Type monsters gain 300 ATK and DEF.

Not bad with Guaiba since u need some attack points and it helps protect u from Gladiator Beasts since all your monsters will have higher attack so they will definately waste something to get rid of them and ill mention some other uses..

2-Volcanic Eruption

Activate only during your End Phase while "Jurassic World" is on your side of the field. Destroy all cards on the field.

What i hate about it that it activates on YOUR end phase but its still cool and can give u ALOT of advantage if u time it correctly

3-Fossil Dig

Add 1 Level 6 or lower Dinosaur-Type monster from your Deck to your hand.

EPIC SEARCHING CARD, u can use it with all kinds of stuff like destroyersaurus which u can discard and add jurassic world to use with volcanic eruption


1-Smashing Horn

When a monster effect or Trap Card is activated that negates the Normal or Special Summon of a monster(s): Negate the activation and destroy it.

Great counter card that can be useful in many situations like frost said so i don't really need to say much now

2-Warning , Oppression , Rai-oh,
They just negate the summon and can be very annoying

3-Skill Drain:God this card is annoying and i hate it, so it basically negates its effect and leaves u an open target for Malefics and all the other high attack monsters

So that's it , pretty sure this card will be abused pretty bad , but enjoy it while u can!

Oh and btw there are those Evoldo and Evoldar Monsters out there but for some reason i like this tech better , they are still good tho and can be way better than this

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Article Team
Article Team

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PostSubject: Re: Card Discussion Of The Week #1 EvolKaiser Ragia   Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:03 pm

well, its not a bad card, but its restricted to dinosaur based decks, which limits its overall usage to those who like dino decks. Not alot of people like dino decks, but its safe to say the deck does have 3 reinforcement of the army (fossil dig x3) which is a good thing

lets not get started on tour guide rabbit Neutral

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Card Discussion Of The Week #1 EvolKaiser Ragia

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