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 kuriboh deck(minus winged kuriboh)

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PostSubject: kuriboh deck(minus winged kuriboh)   Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:51 pm

my takeon the kuriboh deck, i dont run winged kuriboh cuz it dead draws... a lot so instead i run it around dark monsters

x3 kuriboh
x3 raviel
x3 mystic tomato
x3 giant germ
x2 phantom of chaos
x2 stygian security
x2 D-hero plasma
x1 D.A.D
x1 Gorz

x3 multiply
x3 flute of summoning kuriboh
x2 magical mallet
x1 scapegoat
x1 pot of avarice
x1 heavy storm
x1 one for one
x1 allure of darkness

traps: 7
x3 scrap iron scarecrow
x2 dark spirit art greed
x1 mirror force
x1 torrential tribute

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kuriboh deck(minus winged kuriboh)

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