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 my new deck i need help please!!!

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PostSubject: my new deck i need help please!!!   Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:48 pm

hi everybody i have just joined advanced duel academy and am in need of some assistance if you can please i am currently trying to make a light and dark deck using the agents and chaos sorcerer got a deck but not working here it is hope you can help.

monsters 22

the agent of miracles jupiter
caius the shadow monarch
chaos sorcerer
honest x2
armageddon night
the agent of mystery earth
mystic tomato
the agent of force mars
newdoria x2
shining angel
cyber valley
master hyperion
zeradias herald of heaven
kycoo the ghost destroyer
the agent of judgment saturn
snipe hunter
gorz the emissary of darkness

next is the spells x9

mst x2
sanc in sky x2
soul exchange
monster reborn
allure of darkness x2
cards from the sky
the fountain in the sky

traps x10

draining shield x3
return from diff dimension
magic cylinder
skill succesor
divine punishment
solemn judgement
mirror force

hope you can help thanks

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my new deck i need help please!!!

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