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 Its my new deck Xyz

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PostSubject: Its my new deck Xyz   Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:35 pm

its my new XYz deck

monster 20

green gadgets x2
red gadgets x2
yellow gadgets
summer monk x2
scrap reyclerx2
cyber dragon x2
tengu x3
machina gearframe x3
machina fortress x2

spell 9

xyz gift
narmonic waves x3
monster rebron
dark hole
pot of duality x2
pot of avarice

trap 11

ultimate offering x3
bottless trap hole x2xyz veil x2
mirror force
solemn warning
solemn judgement

extra deck 9

number 39: utopia x3
Vylon disigma
wind up zenmasister
tiras keeper of genesis
number 10 illumiknight
leviair the sea dragon

so this is my new deck Xyz so far i dueled once with this deck and i OTK him by sumoning Utopia x2 and vylon disigma with using gadgets abd ultimate offerning

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Its my new deck Xyz

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