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 Slot Tool destiny hero deck (needs help)

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Power Tool

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PostSubject: Slot Tool destiny hero deck (needs help)   Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:28 pm

This is my destiny hero sunchro deck so far it was good and i need help on it so if you have a suggestion plz tell me.

Monsters 19

D-hero diamond dude x3
D-hero defender X2
D-hero doom lord
D-hero malicious x2
D-hero dogma x2
d-hero plasma x2
d-hero dreadmaster
deep sea diva x3
rose, warrior of revenge x2

Spells 16

clock tower prison
over destiny x2
destiny draw
foolish burial
pot of avarice
monster reborn
reinforcement of the army
polymerization x3
mystical space typhoon x2
dark hole

traps 5

royal decree x2
call of the haunted
mirror force
bottoless trap hole

extra deck 15

destiny end dragoon x2
dragon knight drace-equiste
elemental hero escurridao
vision hero adoration x2
vision hero trinity
E-hero absolute zero x2
stardust x2
scrap dragon
red dragon archfield

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PostSubject: Re: Slot Tool destiny hero deck (needs help)   Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:23 pm

whith the new ban-list u can put destiny draw has 2

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Slot Tool destiny hero deck (needs help)

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