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 chaos skull (barragans army)

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PostSubject: chaos skull (barragans army)   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:12 am

this is my main deck and it goes with my theme of barragan cuz he basicly is the king of the skull servants.

monsters: 25
3 king of skull servant
3 wightmare
3 lady in the wight
3 magical merchant
3 ryko
2 chaos sorcerer
2 junk synchron
2 zombie master
1 goblin zombie
1 skull servant
1 plague spreader zombie

2 book of life
2 pot of avarice
1 allure
1 charge of the light brigade
1 burial from a different dimension
1 level limit area-B
1 monster reborn
1 gold sarc
1 one for one

3 royal decree
1 mirror force
1 gravity bind

extra: 15
2 catastor
2 armory arm
2 black rose
2 junk warrior
1 brionic
1 colossal fighter
1 dark end dragon
1 junk archer
1 junk destroyer
1 magical android
1 stardust dragon

cards i was considering to run/ run more of:
plaguespreader tuning zombie world mirror force bottomless solemn warning

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Posts Posts : 588

PostSubject: Re: chaos skull (barragans army)   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:06 am

i changed the deck and edited accordingly

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chaos skull (barragans army)

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