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 Aesir Deck

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PostSubject: Aesir Deck   Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:24 am

well unlike most people im going to explain my deck stratigy so ehre is my deck.

(extra deck)
3x odin
2x thor
1x loki
2x stardust
2x black rose
2x frozen fitzgerald
2x ally catastor
1x crimson Mefist
1x mist wurm

(main deck)

Monsters 20x

2x valkarie
3x vanadis
2x mara
3x guldfaxe
3x tanngnjostr
3x tanngrishr
2x mega hamster
2x chaos s.

Spells 10x

1x monster reborn
1x dark hole
1x G. trunade
2x mystical s.
3x forbidden lance
2x lightning vortex

Traps 10x

2x Bottomless
2x D. Prison
1x mirror force
1x solmen
2x N.R. Gungnir
2x N.R. laevateinn

ok, first of all im a sat the NRL (trap) is a very useful card which alot of people say it isnt at all. we all know we try to protect our monsters from being destroyed from other card and we do see our monsters being destroyed by other ppl's monsters, thats why i but the NRL on this deck. if you attack my monsters and do destroy them im going to destroy ur monster back and the ebst part of this card is that it cant be chained too (if there is another card similar to this card or a better card then i'll consider to replace it).

well i want to know how to make my deck better. please do critize and make POSITIVE suggestions. im think to add LaDD but im kinda iffy about that since i need two tributes. and well its an easy level 10 with my mara and valk to get odin out or loki.

which come to my second explanation. i added 2 of each valk and mara for two reasons. reason one i know im going to have not as much monsters but enough to make another level ten or get my rose drago or stardust out or the mist wurm. thats the valk's job and i wanted to get odin again just in case if he gets destroyed i remove from play my valk and he comes back in the end phase to fight again (total potential revival time is 5) thos is 3 possible times, loki twice.

now you'll be saying why the hell mara?? well he acn synch in the hand and the field. for loki and my favorite F. Fitzgerald or any level 7 or 8 or 9 synch to the field. (thats why im decking 3 tanngjostr for the "nordic" name).

now im iffy on the trap line up im thinking to talk out both N. relics to add 3 scare crows and a torrential tribute depending. but anyways i like the Forbidden lance effect alot because i can activate it when me or my oppenent activates a dark hole or anything really.

lol ok i talk alot , so tell me what you guys think please rate/fix/critize/help ^_^

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Aesir Deck

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