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 ice barrier lockdown

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PostSubject: ice barrier lockdown   Sun May 29, 2011 8:20 pm

now(maybe) ice barrier is another difficult enemy. just imagine your self. with 3 monster. you can stalling until death. how scary.
i introduce the core of the lockdown :
defender of the ice barrier : if you have another ice barrier. your oppenent cannot attack with same or higher than defender's defend (deff 1600 attack 200) (battle lock down)
dai-sojo of the ice barrier : ice barrier monster (include this card) cannot be destroy by magic and trap (sick !) (deff 2200 attack 1600)
secret guard of the ice barrier : ice barrier monster cannot be targeted by effect monster (scrap user hate this) (attack 100 deff 1600)

how to do :
maybe with my way. its hard because i am a newbie. here it is :
-set defender/secret guard and set waboku or anything but waboku is the best
-tribute it for dai-sojo for stalling
-active light of intervention(maybe wrong) that monster that summon in set down deff will be face up deff. this will
make the lockdown more fast.
-summon defender again (last change to interupt it with effect monster)
-summon secret guard.
-active secret village of the spell caster and royal decree.
-last, but not the last one. summon gantala.
now, it is hard to open the lockdown. but i have a solution for you.

this is how to open the lockdown :
-the best game breaker, black rose dragon (be careful with my body as a shield)
-compulsoury :
*-defender if you have a lot of high attack monster in the field.
*-secret guard if you have a scrap synchro monster, brionac, etc.
*-dai-sojo if you have lightning vortex, dark hole, etc.
-with scrap golem. special summon scrap searcher to enemy's field
-change all type monster in field to machine. and then active limiter removal.
-mind control. imagine yourself
-skill drain. imagine yourself
-the crazy way. equip united we stand or mage power to defender.
-demon's chain. imagine yourself
-etc because i forgot the way my friends knock my lockdown.

just be careful with tringular. this card is scary. reveal 3 different ice barrier. destroy 1 card special summon 1 ice barrier card.

the weakness are swarm based deck example six samurai.
okay. if you have any suggestion. please post it.
sorry if i give you a little information that you was know it long time ago.

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ice barrier lockdown

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