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PostSubject: Sinful   Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:34 pm

I needed a deck thats not OP'd but still runs decent. the reason is, i run tournaments where i live and i place high so i get accused of cheating. anyways heres my go.

Monsters: 20
Red-Eyes DMD x3
Red-Eyes Wyvern x3
Totem Dragon x2
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Malefic Stardust x2
Malefic Blue-Eyes x2
Malefic Parallel Gear x3

Spells: 15
Malefic World x3
Future Fusion
Terraforming x2
MST x2
Dark Hole
Trade In x2
Pot of Avarice
Dragons Mirror x2

Traps: 5
Malefic Claw Stream x3
Mirror Force
Call of The Haunted

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