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 kinka-byo OTK

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PostSubject: kinka-byo OTK   Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:39 pm

a deck inspired by a friend and edited in my own way ... watcha think ?

decklist :

monsters : (19)

3x kinka-byo
3x the white stone of legend
1x guard of flamvell
3x blue-eyes white dragon
2x montage dragon
1x morphign jar
3x broww, huntsman of dark world
1x dandylion
1x snipe hunter
1x chaos sorc

spells : (20)

3x cards of consonance
3x trade-in
3x dark world dealings
1x card destruction
1x giant trunade
2x nobleman of extermination
1x foolish burial
1x dark hole
1x monster reborn
1x future fusion
2x dragon's mirror

traps (1) :

return from the different dimension

about the deck : its an alternate and faster version of the blue montage since the coming of formula synchron. It is not very usable for for people that have not get used to OTK format but the deck has preformed pretty well with me. 27 wins 1 lost only ...

Either way its simple how it works ... dump in grave stones with consonance, morphing jar, future fusion, card destruction, dwd etc etc to get blue-eyes in hand and than use kinka to revive stone from grave and ync for formula to get deck work even faster.After that dump those blue-eyes ( montage dragons ) too in grave with trade-in to get as much speed as possible and get in hand asap dragon's mirror and return from d.d ... if you get those 2, a dark hole and a trunade ( noblemans ) its game Razz ... As for dandylion he is there because of all the discard material, he could be a potential stun ... dont copy ze deck ... posted here to see wat ppl think of it

PS : i might take something out for poa

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ADA Leader
ADA Leader

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PostSubject: Re: kinka-byo OTK   Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:07 pm

looks good to me,take dandy out and ad pot,thats all u need,aldo i think that deck cant do very good against stun decks

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PostSubject: Re: kinka-byo OTK   Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:14 pm

yes but lolz in tourneys everybody goes for sabers XD ... and this deck is faster than sabers ... the only thing that kills this is an oppression from the opp but still i tend to draw trunade very fast

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Dragon D. DarkNess

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PostSubject: Re: kinka-byo OTK   Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:12 pm

Oh crap, if you take out Kinka-Byo, it'll look exactly like one of my old Montage Deck. O.O

To stay on topic, looks alright to me. ._.

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PostSubject: Re: kinka-byo OTK   Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:20 pm

isnt this k111 montage dragon deck with few tech? no offense but i think its almost same

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PostSubject: Re: kinka-byo OTK   

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kinka-byo OTK

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